Friday, August 10, 2012

Potty Trained!

Folks, it's official.  My boy is potty trained. 

We went on a family vacation to New Hampshire in the beginning of July.  The entire trip, Harrison was asking to use the potty.  I was fine with it at the hotel (I think that potty was clean), but at the public beach, I was not fine with it (I KNEW that potty as not clean).  We talked for a few days about how when we got home he was ready to be a big boy.  He literally told be he was ready.  I told him that if he learned to use the bathroom like a big boy, I would get him a fish....I mean, what is one more living thing around here :)

So, we got home and settled on a Sunday and Monday we hit the ground running.  Day one was tough.  Enough accidents that I questioned if this was a good idea.  But by Wednesday, Harrison was dry all day!  It was amazing how quickly he caught on.  By Friday, I was so proud of my boy that we packed up and made a trip to Feeders Supply.

Harrison got to pick out his fish all by himself.  He picked a blue Beta fish and named him "Orange".  And yes, my son does know his colors.  Here is his reasoning....Elmo has a fish named Dorthy and Dorthy is orange.  Therefore, he wanted to name his fish "Orange".  I could never tell you how much I love this kid and all of his crazy genius little thoughts.

I think we are both pretty proud!

One Year Comparison

Here it is, the big "one year comparison".

Here is Harrison (literally) demolishing his first cupcake!

Harper was a bit more ladylike....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Harper

I mean, it's only been three months, but what the heck.

My sweet girl turned a year old in May.  It was not the picture perfect party I had planned because I got sick.  Really sick.  So sick that I canceled her first birthday party.  To say I was bummed is the year's biggest understatement. I mean, I had been collecting and making pinwheels for three months!  I know Harper will never know the difference, and if I am honest, the only one I felt I was letting down was Pinterest.

Harper is just as awesome as she is beautiful.  She is spunky, snuggly, sassy, smart, social, silly, and sweet.  She is tough to keep up with, so adorable that discipline is difficult, a hugger, mommy's shadow, a daddy's girl, she mimics her big brother and loves on her baby dolls.  She has a smile that will melt you, a precious rat tail (this deserves a post all in its self), the most adorable button nose, and the most awesome eyes that will serve as one of her most valuable accessories. 

At this point she was still one of the easiest going babies anyone had ever seen.  A constantly happy, easy going, love on everyone kind of girl.  I mean, she is perfect.  My little Harper Love. 

I love you so much, my sweet girl.