Friday, August 10, 2012

Potty Trained!

Folks, it's official.  My boy is potty trained. 

We went on a family vacation to New Hampshire in the beginning of July.  The entire trip, Harrison was asking to use the potty.  I was fine with it at the hotel (I think that potty was clean), but at the public beach, I was not fine with it (I KNEW that potty as not clean).  We talked for a few days about how when we got home he was ready to be a big boy.  He literally told be he was ready.  I told him that if he learned to use the bathroom like a big boy, I would get him a fish....I mean, what is one more living thing around here :)

So, we got home and settled on a Sunday and Monday we hit the ground running.  Day one was tough.  Enough accidents that I questioned if this was a good idea.  But by Wednesday, Harrison was dry all day!  It was amazing how quickly he caught on.  By Friday, I was so proud of my boy that we packed up and made a trip to Feeders Supply.

Harrison got to pick out his fish all by himself.  He picked a blue Beta fish and named him "Orange".  And yes, my son does know his colors.  Here is his reasoning....Elmo has a fish named Dorthy and Dorthy is orange.  Therefore, he wanted to name his fish "Orange".  I could never tell you how much I love this kid and all of his crazy genius little thoughts.

I think we are both pretty proud!

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luvbnmom said...

How great is that. You almost didn't have to potty train him, he just kind of decided to do it I SMS sure that you worked very hard and I know you are both so proud of your little big boy! Congrats, orange is a cute fish, and the name really is clever!