Sunday, January 16, 2011

16 Super Sweet Somethings About 16 months

1.  Every day you seem to get smarter.  You understand exactly what people are saying to you, and your little wheels are constantly turning.
2.  I love watching you as you discover how to do something for the first time.  Whether it is stacking blocks, opening a new drawer, or flushing the toilet. 
3.  You LOVE Sesame Street.  When Murray comes on with The Word of The Day, you run to the TV and clap with excitement.
4.  You are a dancing machine!  You dance when ever you hear a beat.  Your feet start tapping, your arms start moving, you raise the roof, spin in circles, and you have your own signature side bending bounce.  You even know where the iPod is and point to it and sign "more" when you want to hear music.
5.  I have been teaching you some signs and you have caught on so quickly.  In just two weeks you have learned: please, thanks you, more, all done, milk, help, bath, and water.

6.  You are a lover.  You love to give kisses and you let people know when you are ready by puckering up with a big ole fish face.
7.  Your vocabulary is getting bigger.  You are learning new words all the time  Right now your vocabulary consists of: doggies, kitty, cheese (for both cheese and cameras), please, momma, dadda, milk, juice, Chelsea (yes, Auntie Cheech LOVES this!!), momo (more), hi, byebye, nini (night night), and breakfast (I KNOW!  I was shocked too, but you say it every morning as you walk to your highchair). 
8.  You are a total poser.  When a camera comes out you start working your magic.  It is sometimes frustrating for mommy who was trying to get an action shot and you stop what you are doing to squat down, close your eyes and say "CHEEEEEEESE".
9.  You love Tuesday mornings at 9 because it is.....time for the trash man!!!  You watch at the window with both hands on the window and your face smashed against the window.  You watch the trash man stop at every house on our street.  It is a wonderful 15 minute break for mommy :)
10.  You still twirl mommies hair.  You never took to a stuffed animal, but you love my hair so much I am not sure I can ever cut it!!

11.  You have seven teeth and counting and love to use them to bite mommy and daddy's toes.  I can't get mad at you because I do it to you all the time.  You are so precious when you do this, even though I know I should stop you. 
12.  Your favorite foods are blueberries, cheese, yogurt, and any kind of soup.  You are a good eater and try just about anything I give you.  You sit at the table with us and eat everything that daddy and I eat. 
13.  You love to talk on the phone. You walk around our house with mommy's cell phone and blabber away.  You have managed to text daddy and call a few people all on your own!!
14.  When mommy gets out the laptop, you run to it and say "HI!!!" to the screen. It is so precious and you do this because we skype so much with our family.  With Auntie Coco in Alaska and Lovie, Pop, and Nonni just wanting to check in, you talk on skype on almost a daily basis. 
15.  My favorite.  You run to the window every morning to wave bye bye to daddy as he leaves for work.  You blow him kisses and wait till his car leaves our street.  At 6:00 every night I tell you "Daddy's home!" and you run to the same window and wave hi as you bang on the glass to make sure you have his attention.  It absolutely melts my heart!
16.  You are just so much fun that mommy has a hard time getting things done during the day.  We play hide and seek, horsey, trains, chase, puppets, and whatever else sounds good to you at the time!  I am finding myself letting the housework take a back seat so that we can play together and even nap together :)  I love your cuddles, hugs, and precious little kisses. 


Donna said...

What a precious letter to your son, Danielle. He will treasure it when he is a grown man! I especially love the post about the trash man! Adorable! Congrats on a most beautiful family. You're a one-in-a-million mom!

Donna Hampton

Jesse said...

viv here, once again, love it! i love the picture of him watching the garbage truck b/c that was so xander. he still occasionally runs when he hears them. he's precious and so are you - you're an awesome mom!!!

Taylor and Jay said...

Surprise, surprise, I see my mom has already commented! Ha ha! This really is the sweetest post. Harrison's fascination with the garbage truck is too funny. I am looking forward to those fun days with Jonah and seeing his personality develop! Love you!

Tucker's Mama said...

He's getting so big (tell him he can share some of those rolls with Tucker lol!)! His vocabulary is really impressive! I enjoyed seeing him (and you) last Friday, hope to see y'all regularly!