Monday, March 21, 2011

Dear Harper,

You are scheduled to make your grand debut on May 30th.  This means 10 weeks from right now, I will be holding you in my arms.  I can not wait to see your precious face and hear your little voice.  You have already made yourself a spot in our family that can not be filled by anyone but you.  You have proven to be quite the active little girl.  Even though you wake me up at night with your nudges, I lay in bed and smile, rubbing my belly as you give your little affectionate kicks in return.  Your room is almost complete along with a closet full of clothes, waiting to be worn by tiny little you.  I sit in your room for hours rocking your big brother and I daydream about what our family will be like with you.  Harrison is ready to be a big brother, we talk about you every day and he loves to give you kisses.  You are already holding your own, kicking like crazy when he takes up too much of your space. 

I can not wait to sing to you, hold your hand as you learn to walk, braid your hair, share secrets as I tuck you in, have tea parties, hear about your crushes, listen to you gush about your first kiss, share special jewelry with you, give you your "something old" on your big day, and feel your belly as you grow with your little one.  I hope to not only be your mother, but to someday be your friend as well.  You will have several generations of beautiful, loving, godly women to look up to and learn from.  You truly are already blessed to be able to be a part of our wonderful family.  Although you have yet to show your face, you are one very loved little girl.  Your daddy, brother and I are so ready to share our cozy little home with you!  We can not wait to shower you with love and lots of kisses.



melissaballard said...

OK, I'm all misty. Can't wait to meet Harper as well! You're right, she is blessed to be part of such a wonderful family!

Katie said...

LOVE THIS....all of yall are making me want to have a girl:) I will just have to get my girlie fix from all your sweet ones!

Jesse said...

never thought i wanted a girl but you are starting to change my mind... starting. :) precious! (viv)