Saturday, September 10, 2011


Matt and I took the kids to Florida last week and enjoyed a wonderful trip with his parents.  If you want a relaxing vacation with your children....going with grandparents is the way to go! :)  It was such a wonderful break from reality.  We needed this little get away to recharge.  Matt has a lot on his plate right now with a new job (big post coming up on this!) and since we purchased our plane tickets about five months ago, we figured we would make use of an already paid for trip.  As it turns out, we were able to relax and thoroughly enjoy ourselves.  Noni and Gimpa (Matt's parents) had a great time with the kids, and I got some serious R & R.  I read The Help (which I highly recommend....could not put it down) and had I not been with my wonderful mother in law, I would not have had the time or energy for a book.  Another perk to vacationing with Noni and Gimpa?  Built in babysitters!  Matt and I enjoyed several date nights and late night Backgammon games. Noni, I know you are reading this.  So THANK YOU!!!  Thank you for making our trip so enjoyable!

Harper got her toes wet and enjoyed the warm water of the gulf!

Noni and Harper at St Armands

This kid had so much fun playing with his daddy.  They swam in the pool, the ocean, wrestled, and just played together.  It was precious.

Harper's first time in a real swing!

The Wade Boys :)

We didn't have the best weather.  Unfortunately we caught the tail end of Tropical Storm Lee and it caused some pretty rough waters, overcast skies, and rainy days.  This is a picture of the "beach".  Normally when you walk down these stairs there is about 20 yards of sand before you reach the water, but as you can see here, the water was really high!

Here is my sweet little family enjoying a beautiful sunset after a day of rain.  Watching the sun set over the water will never get old!

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Jessica said...

so sweet!!! we vacationed with my parents my brothers and their wives. lots of people to help with the kids!!! so happy for you that you actually got to FINISH a book!