Saturday, November 12, 2011

Get your grub on!

On Sunday the 6th, Harper had her first experience with solid food.  The puree of choice?  Sweet potatoes!

Harper's first encounter with a bib...she was not quite sure what to make of it.

After bite #1.  As you can see from the picture above, baby girl was processing the entire situation.  After a quick assessment, she was ready for bite #2....

Yup, she is diggin it!

"Hey Momma, why have you been holding out on me all this time??  This stuff is goooooood"

Going in for the kill..... 
"Enough talk.  Give me some more!"

Even Harrison got in on the action.  I am sure many of you would frown upon me for doing this, but yes, my two year old fed his sister.  And for the record, they both loved it!!


Jessica said...

oh I don't frown on that! I have paul and Anna helping each other out all the time. just teaching the lil one what family is!

Anonymous said...

um, i ask xander to help keegan now that keegan is using utensils :) sometimes i just want one warm bite, haha! it's GREAT to have them help, keegan eats much better for xander anyhow! viv

Taylor said...

Hey Danielle! I gave your blog a little award today if you want to take a look!