Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Please Help!!

Hey Friends.  I have been so busy with life and I have so many wonderful things to fill you in on.  But for now, I will share with you something that is heavy on my heart and my mind.  I am currently helping to organize a fundraiser for a local ministry, Stormhaven Youth Ranch.  Mike and Gaye Cox are members of my church and have been in my Community Group.  They are amazing believers and wonderful examples of Christ's love.  At Stormhaven Youth Ranch, they are able to
connect hurting children with horses for healing.  They currently have 18 horses who have come to the ranch with their own special story ready to begin a relationship with a needy child. Several of the horses are rescued from neglect, uselessness, abuse, or termination. The children and their families come with similar stories and find hope and unconditional love through these "angels in horsehair".  During this process, it is the goal of Gaye and Mike to share the love of Christ with these children and their families. 

On February 24th, there will be a fundraiser dinner at Claudia Sander's Dinner House.  Tickets are $25 dollars apiece.  If you or someone you know may be interested in joining us, email me at danielle.lovejoy@gmail.com.  I would LOVE to see your smiling face there!

And if that is not asking enough of you....I am also heading up the silent auction for the evening.  I am searching for fabulous, unique, and fun items to be donated.  If you are able to donate ANYTHING, I'll take it!!

Thank you, my sweet bloggie friends.  And I hope to see you on February 24th!

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