Wednesday, February 15, 2012


  • Most nights these days my head is swimming with thoughts of "to-dos".  I've got a lot on my plate right now, but it is all really REALLY good stuff.  Like what?
    • Did you know that I watch a little girl (1 year old) three days a week?  I LOVE it, she is precious, and my babies love her to pieces.  She has been a part of our family since October and we are definitely in our grove now.  The only thing this adds to my to-dos would be house work.  (I still have not figured out how to manage house chores with all three babies.  Kudos to you mommies with more than 2!). 
    • Did you know that I also work from home (just 10 hours a week) for the Shelbyville Board of Realtors?  I am the new Association Executive (Fancy, right?!?).  I coordinate monthly board meetings, monthly member luncheons, write a newsletter, and process member info.  It is a pretty sweet deal, 85% of the work I do from home and twice a month I get to dress up and go to a meeting where no one screams "Mine" or spills juice or throws temper tantrums.
    • Did you know that I am heading up the silent auction for a fundraising dinner for a ministry that is UH-mazing!  Stormhaven Youth Ranch is having a dinner (PS, it is already sold out!) next Friday the 24th and I have a feeling it is going to blow all of our socks off! 
    • Did you know my son is potty training himself?!?  Yup, he now tells me he has to go potty, walks in the bathroom, removes his pants and diaper, climbs on the toilet and then hollers "Mommy, I did it".  Yup.  I guess this means I have to start potty training too.  I dont know why I am so reluctant to start this.  I should be excited that he is not even 2 1/2, yet so eager to start potty training.  I just feel like it is going to be super inconvenient, but that is soooo selfish (I know, just keepin it real).
    • Did you know that my sister is getting married in 4 weeks and that we only had the past 2 weeks to plan the wedding?  Her honey is completing Special Forces training and the dates were up in the air until 2 weeks ago.  Talk about moving fast.  I have to give Lauren and my mom credit though, everything is done! 
    • Did you know I am switching banks and it is a HUGE pain in the rear?  Yeah, when you have all of your bills automatically coming out of your account, it is a huge pain to contact all of those places and switch accounts.  Ugh.
    • Did you know that I am going to redecorate my bedroom????  So many options.  Not even sure where I want to start.  My head is going to explode with excitement.

On other unrelated notes....

  • I am totally digging Smash
  • What is up with The Bachelor?  Has this dude lost his mind?  I swear, if he picks Courtney I am going to be seriously disappointed with Ben. 
  • Matt and I have started talking about our vacation to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  I know, I is three years off, but we are dreaming big :)
  • I currently have 23 blog post ideas on my blog to do list
  • I currently have a whole paper (front AND back) of to do projects for around the house.  Some big, some little, some boring, some REALLY fun :)
  • I am really lucky that my husband puts up with me.  I am borderline crazy some days, yesterday was one of those days.
  • I have WAY too much fun at Trader Joes
  • I sing a lot at home.  I usually have Pandora on in the kitchen, I sing doing chores, I sing while I clean, I sing while I cook, I sing to my kids, I will even make up songs to what we are doing.  They love it, but I do too :)
  • I am really excited about Spring.  Starting to get a little cabin fever.
  • There is a new Watch ESPN commercial that shows UK getting beat by IU and I think my husband bites a piece of his lip off every time it comes on TV.
  • I hate laundry
  • Yesterday was Valentines Day and my cat peed in the shape of a heart.  Seriously.  Reese must really love me!  Yup, this is Reese's pee.....


Jessica said...

that cat pee is HILARIOUS!!!!

Just the Two of US said...

Random post are the best! Your little girl is getting so big!

Jennifer said...

You are such a motivation to all!

melissaballard said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I have never seen pee shaped like that! Love this post!