Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Nonni!

Yesterday was Nonni's birthday (and her 40th wedding anniversary!!).  This day was cause for some serious celebration so we opened our home, turned on some sprinklers and I whipped up a coconut cream pie (her favorite!).  And boy did we have fun celebrating our Nonni.  My mother in law is one special lady.  She has loved me like a daughter from day one.  I am so thankful for her big heart, selflessness and love for my babies.  It melts my heart to watch how much she absolutely adores not just my two, but all six of her grandbabes.


For her birthday, Matt and I filled a jar with 58 reasons why we love her.  Yes, I know it is sappy, but we had fun doing it and I think she is enjoying it.  She decided to read one a day :)

 Here is a picture of Sherri (aka Nonni) and Billie (aka Gimpaw) with all six of their grandchildren.  Since Matt's sister lives in Florida, the most recent picture we have is from Christmas.  Look at how much they have already changed!

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