Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's up with Harrison?

Why, I am so glad you asked!  I tell you what, this kid gets even more awesome with every passing day.  He is at such an incredible age.  He is talking/questioning up a storm.  His imagination is uncontainable.  His sense of humor is never dull.  And he amazes me with his memory.  This kid forgets NOTHING!  Everyday he uses a  new word or phrase that either leaves me with my jaw dropped or doubled over laughing.  I can not even tell you how much I am loving this age!

Here are some of his loves right now:
  • Baseball.  Man oh man, does this kid love baseball.  He loves to watch it on TV (wearing a hat and glove, holding a ball and bat of course).  He loves playing it (he is always the batter, mommy is always the pitcher, daddy is always the catcher).  He loves running the bases at the fields in the park.  And he just plain loves to talk about it.  It makes me smile....Daddy too, but I think he is still secretly hoping Harrison's first love will be soccer :)
  • Bambi.  He LOVES Bambi....Well, Bambi the movie.  Thumper is his favorite character.  He has given up his afternoon naps, but he loves quiet time in his room and sometimes gets to watch Bambi in his "fort".  Random Bambi story:  One night we were driving home from my parent's home and Harper fell asleep in her car seat.  When we pulled into our driveway, Harrison yelled "Wake up Flower, Wake up!!".  I looked at Matt and said "How precious is it that he calls her flower!".  About 10 minutes later, it hit me that that is a line from Thumper in Bambi.  It still made me smile.
  • Getting the mail.  He loves to listen for the mail lady every day and walk to the mailbox to get the mail all by himself
  • His sister.  Yes, he is rough with her.  And yes, he does not appreciate his train tracks being destroyed.  But he loves his sister.  He loves to "read" her books.  He loves to hand her her baby dolls (he will even poor them tea from Harper's tea set).  He loves to be the one to greet her when she wakes up from her nap (in fact, he makes me stand in the hallway).  He knows how to make her laugh the hardest.  If you ask him what his job is, he will respond: To protect Harper. (I've been working with him on that for a while, but I think he believes it now :)
  • Toast.  He. Loves. Toast.
  • His Daddy.  Yes, it is pathetic...he cries every morning as Daddy leaves for work.  He asks all day long to "Go see Daddy at his house" (I tell him everyday, it is not his house, it is his work).
  • Outside.  He lives outside.  I swear, he would sleep outside if we let him.  He will spend hours exploring our back yard, jumping through the sprinkler, conquering his swing set, and tending to my flowers.

Do you see the heart they shaped?!?  Love it!

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Kendra Lynne said...

The last picture is adorable! And yes, Harrison is quite a kid. :)