Thursday, February 25, 2010


Harrison and I went to Florida last week for a much needed break from the cold.  We spent the week at Nonni's condo (my wonderful mother-in-law) along with my mom and Mimi (my grandmother).  What a special time to have with some of the most important women in my life.  Harrison was such a trooper and a perfect traveler!  I flew with Harrison all by myself and managed to still have made friends on the plane.  Harrison is such a cuddler that he slept in my arms on all of the flights.  I was so thankful I was not the poor mommy in the back of the plane with the screaming baby.  I can only imagine the feeling of helplessness because you are stuck 32,000 feet in the air. 

Florida was sunny but unfortunately it was not was as toasty as I was hoping.  We did manage to walk the beach everyday and I am just starting to get back feeling in my toes from the icy water.  One afternoon as I walked the beach, I stumbled upon a man in a wetsuit who worked for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.  There was a manatee about 20 feet from the shore who was in shock from the frigid gulf waters.  He was waiting in the water with gentle giant until the rest of the rescue crew arrived to help move her to warmer water in an effort to save her life.  He told me that Florida has lost over 200 manatees this winter because of the cooler than normal water temperature. 

On a happier note, Harrison has found something other than is thumb to suck....his big toe!  Yes, that is right.  My son sucks his big toe.  He absolutely LOVES his feet.  Another first this week is rice cereal.  He loves rice cereal.  I can't believe my baby is now big enough for a high chair and rice cereal.  He gets it twice a day (breakfast and dinner) and enjoys every bite. I know this because each spoonful is coincided with the delightful sounds of "Mmmmm mmmm mmmmm".

I have much more to share with you but I will save some for tomorrow!

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