Saturday, February 27, 2010


On September 17th I have the honor of standing beside my best friend of 18 years as she becomes Mrs. Michael Bramlage.  Along with the many responsibilities that come with the important title of Matron of Honor, I have vowed to look my best in the dress pictured to the left.  The wedding marks one year of being a mommy (Harrison turns a year old on September 15th) so I have no excuse for carrying any extra pounds at that time.  I figured I would share my goal with you so that I can keep you posted on my progress.  I had a wonderful day with Taylor, her sisters (Marty and Andi), her mother LeeAnn, and Erica.  We spent the morning and early part of the afternoon searching for the perfect bridesmaid dress and wrapped up our successful journey in Covington with a wonderful lunch.   A little girl time is always refreshing!


Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

You were right, Danielle. It's so pretty!

Anonymous said...