Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summertime in Kentucky

It would not be summertime in Kentucky with out sweet tea, lightning bugs, fresh cut grass, cookouts and naked heines running around the back yard :)

Friday, Rachel, Walker and Warren came over to play.  It wasn't long before our boys were outside and stripping down.  They enjoyed a morning filled with bubbles, a sprinkler, baby pool, swings and a wagon.  Walker even dominated our slide....(Note to Self:  Do not put water on slide, it immediately becomes a turbo slip n slide.  Poor Walker never saw it coming.  That poor boy caught some major air!)

While our boys were busy being boys, our girls were being precious little girls.

(Disclaimer:  Somehow I missed a photo opp of our sweet girls together. so this is a picture from our last playdate)

I am so lucky to have a wonderful friend in Rachel.  I have found it so important to have fellow mommies to share joys, frustrations, questions, and accomplishments with.  Don't tell Harrison, but these playdates are  really more for me than him....but I don't think he'd complain too much :)

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