Thursday, April 29, 2010

7 Months Old!!!

Month seven has so far been my hands down favorite as a mommy.  Harrison has so much personality and I love discovering new things about him every day.  He is able to communicate with me now and he very clearly lets me know what he likes and what he does't like.  He may not be crawling yet, but that doesn't stop him from going where his little heart desires.  My little Einstein can do a 360 on his belly and then roll until he has made it to his destination.  We have finally mastered a wonderful sleep routine (including 10 hours at night and 2 awesome naps during the day).  He drops items on the floor from his highchair simply because he can (and when I do not return the items there is much grunting involved).  He is easily distracted by his daddy and any of our three animals.  He gives wonderfully sloppy kisses.  He waives to say hello and bye-bye and even does a "special" wave Auntie Lolo taught him (see picture below).

Here is a list of Harrison's 7 favorite things right now:

1.   Finger Foods
2.  Back scratches / back massages
3.  Molly, Reese and Eli (in that order)
4.  Grunting
5.  Peek A Boo
6.  Toys that play music
7. Being tickled

Here are some pictures of my precious growing boy.

Nap Time

Giving Kisses

Tickle Time

Kisses From Molly

Here is a video from this morning.  Hope you enjoy his grunting as much as I do!

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