Wednesday, June 23, 2010

9 months old

Harrison is now nine months old.  I have officially started planning his first birthday party and I absolutely can not believe how fast this time has gone by.  My little baby boy is now starting to look like a little boy.  He is so much fun right now, if I could I would freeze this moment and keep him at this age for a very, very long time!!  He is such a little ham and has a personality that commands the attention of every one in the room.  Aside from being adorable and funny, my boy is smart.  He is smart in ways that amaze me and also in ways that test my patience.  He is quickly figuring out how to push the boundaries and smiles at me when I say no.  I have a feeling I am going to have me hands full! 

Here are some things he loves right now:

Waiving Bye Bye
Being tossed/twirled/flipped/spun or being held upside down
Talking (He now says dada, momma, and bye bye)
Dancing (more like bouncing up and down)
Water (baths, swimming, washing hands)
Being Held
The Dogs Water Bowl
Opening cabinets and emptying them onto the floor
People Food
Hair (Harrison loves to twirl hair as he has his bottle.  My hair is long enough that I don't think twice about it although sometimes it means no ponytails during feedings.  I love watching Matt feed Harrison because Matt has to tuck his head all the way down past his shoulder so that Harrison can reach his hair as he eats. I must take a picture of it because it is a precious sight.  Harrison has started twirling his own hair but not consistently.)


Enjoying a lemon

Here are some things he hates right now:

Getting his diaper changed (he does not like being held down)
Baby Food
Being left in a room alone

With his pediatrician Dr. Dedman.  Oh how we love her!!!

At Harrison's 9 month Dr. visit he weighed 20 lbs and 5 ozs.  He was 28 1/2 inches long and was in the 50% for his height, weight, and head.  He has had three ear infections but has a very high pain tolerance.  He is allergic to penicillin and takes medicine like a champ. 

Harrison is into anything and everything right now.   He crawls constantly and is gaining speed with each day.  He now follows me around the house all day long and talks to me as he moves along (more like bah bah dadadada bbbrrrrrrr mamama).  Yesterday we played our first game of hide and seek.  I would hide and he would crawl down the hallway and into the rooms to find me.  He would squeal with delight when he saw me, but I think I was having even more fun :)  He is very independent, but still loves to cuddle.

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