Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Put-In Bay, OH

Matt and I enjoyed a few low key days in Put-In Bay, OH with his parents last week.  It was a short vacation (5 days for me, 3 for Matt) but it was wonderful nonetheless.  In my relaxing time there, I enjoyed a hammock, 3 books, a pool, some wonderful little boutiques, a date night with my honey, a small town parade, and I even snuck in a tequila sunrise :) Also, I officially became an old fart.  Because I had a six hour drive with Harrison, I decided to try a book on tape (well it was actually a cd).  For six hours I listened to Paula Deen's biography narrated by Paula Deen of course.  I must say, I was highly entertained, but it must have bored Harrison.  My little angel slept the entire trip!!

Here are some pictures from our trip....

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mags said...

Great pictures! I love Put-in-Bay. I spent all my summers and most weekends there when I was growing up. What a great place. Thanks for sharing.