Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Put-In Bay, OH

Matt and I enjoyed a few low key days in Put-In Bay, OH with his parents last week.  It was a short vacation (5 days for me, 3 for Matt) but it was wonderful nonetheless.  In my relaxing time there, I enjoyed a hammock, 3 books, a pool, some wonderful little boutiques, a date night with my honey, a small town parade, and I even snuck in a tequila sunrise :) Also, I officially became an old fart.  Because I had a six hour drive with Harrison, I decided to try a book on tape (well it was actually a cd).  For six hours I listened to Paula Deen's biography narrated by Paula Deen of course.  I must say, I was highly entertained, but it must have bored Harrison.  My little angel slept the entire trip!!

Here are some pictures from our trip....

9 months old

Harrison is now nine months old.  I have officially started planning his first birthday party and I absolutely can not believe how fast this time has gone by.  My little baby boy is now starting to look like a little boy.  He is so much fun right now, if I could I would freeze this moment and keep him at this age for a very, very long time!!  He is such a little ham and has a personality that commands the attention of every one in the room.  Aside from being adorable and funny, my boy is smart.  He is smart in ways that amaze me and also in ways that test my patience.  He is quickly figuring out how to push the boundaries and smiles at me when I say no.  I have a feeling I am going to have me hands full! 

Here are some things he loves right now:

Waiving Bye Bye
Being tossed/twirled/flipped/spun or being held upside down
Talking (He now says dada, momma, and bye bye)
Dancing (more like bouncing up and down)
Water (baths, swimming, washing hands)
Being Held
The Dogs Water Bowl
Opening cabinets and emptying them onto the floor
People Food
Hair (Harrison loves to twirl hair as he has his bottle.  My hair is long enough that I don't think twice about it although sometimes it means no ponytails during feedings.  I love watching Matt feed Harrison because Matt has to tuck his head all the way down past his shoulder so that Harrison can reach his hair as he eats. I must take a picture of it because it is a precious sight.  Harrison has started twirling his own hair but not consistently.)


Enjoying a lemon

Here are some things he hates right now:

Getting his diaper changed (he does not like being held down)
Baby Food
Being left in a room alone

With his pediatrician Dr. Dedman.  Oh how we love her!!!

At Harrison's 9 month Dr. visit he weighed 20 lbs and 5 ozs.  He was 28 1/2 inches long and was in the 50% for his height, weight, and head.  He has had three ear infections but has a very high pain tolerance.  He is allergic to penicillin and takes medicine like a champ. 

Harrison is into anything and everything right now.   He crawls constantly and is gaining speed with each day.  He now follows me around the house all day long and talks to me as he moves along (more like bah bah dadadada bbbrrrrrrr mamama).  Yesterday we played our first game of hide and seek.  I would hide and he would crawl down the hallway and into the rooms to find me.  He would squeal with delight when he saw me, but I think I was having even more fun :)  He is very independent, but still loves to cuddle.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Since I am just getting back into town, I thought I would blog about Father's day even though it is two days late. 

First, I would like to thank my husband for being an amazing father to our son.  It is so much fun to watch the excitement in your eyes as you talk to him, play with him, and day dream about outings you can do together as he gets older.  Harrison absolutely lights up when he sees you and I know his love for you is just beginning.  I can not wait to witness so many great father/son memories.  And I can not imagine a more perfect partner to be parenting with!! 

And to my precious daddy...You set the bar pretty high.  Not many little girls are lucky enough to have a father like you.  I would like to say that I always showed you how much I love and appreciate you, but I might have tried your patience a time or two.  Thank you for shaping me into the woman that I am today and for teaching me the importance of my faith, and my family, and always showing kindness to others (even perfect strangers).  I love your smile, your bald head, your blue eyes and your huge heart.  We are a lucky group of girls, us Lovejoys!!  Thank you for...everything!

The many faces of Harrison Davis....

Southern Summertime

Summer in the south consists of sweet tea, flip flops, sweat, sunshine, neighbors, sweat, family, swimming, country music, sweat, lightning bugs, seersucker, cookouts, and did  mention sweat?!?!  I absolutely love summertime and all of the little joys that accompany the unbearable heat.  Here are some pictures of my little man enjoying his first summer.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Naked Butt

The other day I realized I didn't have any pictures of Harrison's naked butt.  How in the world could that be?  Every baby has a naked butt shot!! So how is it that this picture crazy momma (I have taken over 3,000 pictures since Harrison was born) does not have one frozen moment in time of her little boy in the buff?!?!  It didnt take long to change that....the only problem was getting him to stay in one spot!  I hope you think his sweet cheeks are as precious as I do :)

Chelsea Graduates!!!

Last Saturday my baby sister graduated high school.  It seems like yesterday I was 8 years old in my parent's basement rocking Chelsea to sleep.  I remember kissing her little head over and over and over again because I wanted to try to "catch her up" on all her kisses.  I knew I had been kissed so much more than her (because I was 8 years older) and I didn't think that was very fair.  She has always been my original baby and I will always see her as a little girl in a purple leotard singing Barney.  Here are some pictures from her graduation and graduation party.  I love you Chels!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kamaren Turns One!!!

Saturday night we celebrated Harrison's cousin Kamaren's first birthday.  It is always so precious to see these two together.

This was just a precious moment I caught :)

Busy Little Bees

The last three weeks seem like a blur.  It all started with a bug.  Not a lightning bug being enjoyed on a warm summer night, not an adorable car that leaves you with a bruised shoulder, not the love bug that makes you feel like you can walk on clouds....this was a mean bad ugly bug.  I have since referred to this bug as "The Plague".  About three weeks ago poor Harrison was hit with a bug and the poor guy was out of order for about a week.  He then shared his bug with yours truly and my poor husband.  It was then shared with my mom and dad, Lauren, Chelsea, David, Sheena, Mike, Mimi, Uncle Gil, and Kean.  I felt horrible.  Before I knew he was carrying the plague, we went to dinner with David and Sheena. Once Matt and I got sick, my mom offered to help us out by taking care of Harrison.  In her efforts to help us out, Harrison was able to spread it to four more unsuspecting souls.  Sherri (my mother in law) kept Harrison the next afternoon so that I could rest and Harrison (being the good little sharer that he is) shared his bug again with Kean.  After four days I felt that Harrison was back to normal, but he apparently wanted to do a little more sharing with Mike, Mimi, and Uncle Gil at Mimi's Memorial Day pool party.  If any of you are reading this blog, I apologize.  I learned a very valuable lesson.  Children don't always want to share, but germs do not care!

What you have missed in the last three weeks:

Trip to Nolan Lake courtesy of the Petredis'.  Harrison had his first boat experience and we spent the day on Nolan Lake.  He wasn't to into the water.  He enjoyed napping on the boat instead.

Yard Work.  Somehow I found my way up a ladder power washing my entire house.  Oh the joys of owning a white house.  It shows everything and white homes are only pretty when they sparkle :)  I also stained my deck while Matt has been busy working on a shed!

Pool party at Mimi's.  (see paragraph about the plague).

I visited Clear Creek Elementary where I will be student teaching this fall.  I spent the day with Mrs Seigel and Mrs Watts which are the teachers I will be working with.  After spending the day with these lovely ladies, my nerves were calmed.  I am still anxious about leaving my precious baby boy but I keep reminding myself that this is only for 12 weeks and then I will return to being his constant companion :)

I made burlap covered cork boards (inspired by Rachel's basement).

Invasion of the ants.  Our kitchen was officially taken over by ants 2 weeks ago.  What a frustrating feeling to see ants everywhere and not know where they were coming from (Matt has since sprayed our foundation and eliminated our ant problem).  One funny memory was made from the siege however.  One day while playing on the kitchen floor, Harrison's attention was caught by an ant marching across the kitchen floor.  As he started to chase (crawling very slowly) the ant, he was distracted by a different ant.  I was doubled over laughing as I watched Harrison's head go back and forth as he decided which ant to follow.

Taylor's Birthday Cupcakes.  I surprised Taylor at her office with some cupcakes for her birthday.  They were pretty good :)

The Chicago Mini Marathon.  Not sure why, but I have signed myself up for torture.  I am not a runner, have never been and don't really plan on ever becoming one.  In an effort to challenge myself, I signed up for the Chicago mini in September.  I made it through boot camp, so surely I can make it through this....right?!?!

Sleepless in Simpsonville.  Harrison has had two random nights in the last three weeks in which he decided he did not need any (and I do mean ANY) sleep.  The first night he woke up at 2:30 and played until the sun came up around 6 in the morning.  About a week later he decided it was a great idea to stay awake until 4 am.  I am hoping this is not a trend.  So far this week, I have enjoyed my Zzzzs!