Saturday, December 10, 2011


I decided to stop doing monthly posts on my sweet boy once he turned two.  But now I feel like he is up to so much that I must update you all.....

  • He sometimes speaks in third person.  When he wants something that someone has, or wants to do something that someone is doing he says "Harrison want ______ too".  It is adorable.
  • Harrison knows all of his letters.  I know.  He's a genius :)  I promise you that I did not push this on him.  He honestly LOVES letters.  Which leads me to my next point.....
  • I now refuse to take him to the mall.  It took us 30 minutes to walk past 5 stores because Harrison had to spell every letter on every store sign.  At the first store it was cute.  By the 5th store I was tired, and impatient.  Sure I was proud, but I seriously wanted my Chic Fil A.
  • Harrison no longer says "a gone gone" for water or "dutches" for trucks or "Weewee" for Lovie.  He is now pronouncing almost all of his words correctly :(
  • He does still mispronounce Hiccups.  He says Hip ups and it is awesome.
  • He now picks his nose and says "See Boogies".  Yup, working hard to break that one.
  • He loves his baby sister to pieces.  Literally.  I think he tries to squeeze her to pieces sometimes he hugs her so hard.
  • He sleeps with about 10 stuffed animals.
  • He has the bluest eyes you have ever seen (other than my dad's).
  • He is obsessed with Mary Poppins right now.  He calls it Poppins and when he is not watching the movie he pretends to play Poppins with his stuffed animals.
  • The first memory he talks about is a basketball game we attended a couple weeks ago.  The child had so much fun. Every morning he wakes up and asks if we will go to the b ball game and see Walker.
  • Walker is his best friend.  Sometimes they act a little more like brothers, and I love how excited he gets talking about Walker.
  • He still twirls my hair when he is tired.
  • He is scared to poop on the potty, but pees on the potty all the time.
  • He loves to be read to and even "reads" to himself.
  • He loves watching B Ball on TV with his Daddy.
  • He wants drums for Christmas, but was too scared of Santa to sit on his lap and ask for it.
  • He can count to 14. 

  • Yup.  He's still totally awesome!

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