Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pillow DIY Tutorial

My mother in law gave me this great piece that I put in my "entry way" (I put that in "" because the house doesn't really have an entry way.  It is really a part of the living room, but I was trying to define a space as an entry way.  Hey a girl has got to work with what she has :).  It was an oak piece that I thought might be fun to spruce up, so I painted it a fun shade of burnt orange and added some blue knobs from Hobby Lobby (I am still mad I did not take a before picture). 

But once I had this pop of color in my living room, I noticed my throw pillows were looking a bit drab.  Of course the pillows I was drawn to were around $75 a piece and I needed four.  Ouch.  Being on a fairly tight budget, buying new pillows was out of the question.  But look for yourself, these pillows needed a pick me up. 

I decided to try a thrifty/crafty approach to new throw pillows. I was in World Market and found some cloth napkins that I really liked.  And that's when the thought hit me....get some stitch witchery, an iron, and eight cloth napkins and I will have new pillows while spending less than $30.


Before and After:

Here is the finished product.  I was thrilled :)

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melissaballard said...

You. Are. Awesome. You should have your own show on HGTV. I would so watch it!