Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm Back!

So if you were wondering where I had gone, first let me say thanks for missing me :)  Our computer went to PC heaven and so I was without my handy blogging companion but I am back in business now!  Once again, I am left with soooo much to catch up on.  But for now, more random thoughts from me......

  • I am loving Once Upon A Time!
  • Pinterest has me attempting WAY too many projects right now.
  • I am seriously wanting a white Christmas this year.
  • Speaking of Christmas, my home has been decorated since Dec 1 and I am loving every second of it.
  • We have no ornaments with hooks this year (because we spent two days at Kosairs lasts December when Harrison swallowed the top of an ornament with the hook).
  • Harper has no hair....I mean no hair.  She is as bald as her Pop.
  • Matt and I have enjoyed two really fun date nights in less than one week.  Very Much Needed
  • Matt and I decided that Kevin from Home Alone looks like an older version of Harrison
  • I am teaching my kiddos at church (2-4 years old) to sing Go Tell It On The Mountain.  :)
  • We met our family health care deductible so we are living it up at the Dr.'s office now!
  • My family said goodbye to our dog of 12 years on Monday.  Losing a pet is awful.  In our family, pets are truly part of the family.  Being able to love is a blessing, but it hurts so much when that loved one is gone....No matter if they had skin or fur.
  • For once I was on the ball with my Christmas cards.  Well, I was a bit excited since my kids are so stinkin cute!
  • Courtney moves back home from Alaska this weekend.  That three years went by fast!
  • Our schedule is CRAZY for the rest of the month, but I love it.  Christmas Christmas Christmas!!
  • God has been so faithful in providing for my little family through Matt's new business.  Being a small business owner is scary, but has taught me so much about trusting in the Lord's faithfulness and I am reminded daily to thank Him.
  • I am pretty in love with my husband.
  • Harper is happiest baby ever.  I can not even tell you how much my heart swells when I look at her precious smile (which is pretty much all the time).
  • Harrison is learning so much so quickly.  It is making me realize preschool is not that far off and it makes me sad.  This kid amazes me everyday with his vocabulary, imagination, and politeness.  Mommas been working hard :)
  • Matt has been baking like crazy because he is in the Christmas spirit, but it is not helping this momma lose her baby weight.  I've been working hard.....getting close!!
  •  Want to see what melts my heart?  Check this out:

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melissaballard said...

Oh, Danielle! Your babies are tooo precious! Glad your blogging again!