Sunday, June 19, 2011

21 months of awesomeness

  1. You are an amazing big brother.  You have embraced your role as big brother and love on your sister every moment you get.  You talk to her, sing to her, hold her hand, kiss her head and hug her every day.  This absolutely melts my heart and makes me so happy to be a mommy to you both. 
  2. You love playing with your train tracks and can now put them together all by yourself.
  3. You love to put things in a row.  Whether it is toys, rocks, spoons, blocks or well whatever you can love to line them up.
  4. You have mastered puzzles.  You love playing puzzles all by yourself.
  5. You listen very well to your parents.  Especially when it is diaper changing time.  I love how easy you are!
  6. Even though you listen to us, you are not perfect all the time :)  Mommy and Daddy have been going to a parenting class on Sunday nights at church.  We have been learning some awesome tricks and have been implementing them at home.  We started time out with you about two weeks ago and you have been responding really well to that and you dont get up till I tell you to!
  7. You LOVE Jeeps.  Pop has a big red Jeep and you love to sit in it with him and go for rides or just listen to music.  Now, when we go for walks in our neighborhood, you love to point out all the "Jeep Jeeps".
  8. Before you were a big brother you did not care to much for sitting in a stroller.  But now that you can sit next to your sister (in the side by side stroller), you love to ride in the double stroller.  
  9. Your favorite shows on TV are now Imagination Movers and Yo Gabba Gabba.  Anything with music gets you so excited you dance around the house with a huge grin on your face.
  10. You would live outside if we let you.  You love to play in the sprinkler, on your swing set, with bubbles or just walk around.
  11. You are a big fan of all things fruit.  So far I can not name a fruit that you do not like!
  12. You are a good eater, but you are not a fan of carrots.
  13. You still take three hour naps and sleep for 11 - 12 hours at night.
  14. Daddy and I know every word to all 37 movers songs on the cd.  That is all you let us listen to in the car.
  15.  When I start singing the clean up song, you drop what you are doing and start cleaning up.
  16. You love balls, cats (you call every cat Reesey), bubbles, gummies, hats and babies.
  17.  You are starting to repeat more words that I say, but you are still not talking much.  That, however, does not keep you from communicating.  You are able to tell me anything you want. 
  18. You love being read to.  Daddy and I read to you all the time.  You love when we read in silly voices or sing the stories.  You try to imitate how we read the books :)  You even have a couple of your favorites memorized!!
  19. You sleep with a stuffed Elmo and in the mornings when you wake up you like to talk to him.
  20. You are still obsessed with your Auntie Lolo.
  21. You have become such a helper since I had Harper.  You like to get me diapers, throw diapers away, help burp her, give her her paci and rub her head.  I can not believe how big you seem now.  You understand whatever I say to you and you are learning so much every day.  I have so much fun just sitting back and watching you discover the world.  I love you more than you will ever know!!

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