Sunday, June 12, 2011

Harper's First Play Date

On Wednesday Harper went on her first play date.  It was a play date that I have looked forward to for some time.  When Harrison was 6 months old we started going to a play group and in this play group, we both made some wonderful friends.  It was about 9 months ago, Harrison and I went to play and I shared the news that I was pregnant again.  I was so excited to find out that I was not the only momma adding to her brood.  In the next 9 months, I was able to share the joys and complaints of pregnancy with Rachel and Melissa....not to mention the excitement we shared about all things pink and girly! 

Ruby 8 weeks

Warren 2 weeks

Harper 2 weeks

As the mommas sat around and compared stories of life with two, nursing, deliveries and everything else related to newborns, our boys played hard.  They were even treated to a slushy from Mr. Lee!!

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