Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Month.....

My sweet girl is already one month old.  Even though it has only been 30 days since she became a part of my life, I now can not imagine my world without her.  I am quickly learning what makes her happy...and angry.  I am learning her cries, her facial expressions, and what ways she likes to be held.  She has made our family feel complete.  As feisty as she may be sometimes, for the most part she is a very easy baby.  She has been a rock star when it comes to nursing, and I can not complain one bit at her sleep schedule.  She has been so easy going with our busy schedule.  She has not slowed us down one bit.  We pack up on almost a daily basis and venture out to play dates, stores, family's homes, church, or the park.  She loves riding in the car, in the stroller, laying in her bed, and swinging....but her favorite is being cuddled by her momma.  I wear her in my Moby wrap on a daily basis and love feeling her so close to me.  She eats (during the day) between every two and three hours.  At night, she has two 4 hour (sometimes 5!!!) stretches of sleep which is very much appreciated by yours truly.  She is the queen of poopy diapers which I am happy to change because it means my little girl is eatin' good :)  She is still in newborn size diapers and clothes, however she is getting longer so she may be moving on up to 0-3 month clothing soon!  For those that know her, they can vouch for her noisy grunts.  Trust me when I say this little girl likes to be heard.  Her loud noises do not mean she is unhappy, I think she just enjoys exercising those vocal chords...even if it is at 4 am :)  She is slowly becoming more alert and awake during the day.  I can not wait to watch as her little personality starts to bloom! 
One day old

First car ride

Rockin the bow

First bath

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