Friday, June 24, 2011

Growing Girl

We just got back from Harper's one month check up and the girl is a growin!!!!  She is up to 10 lbs 6 ounces (which is a 2 1/2lb gain) and 21 inches (she has grown 2 inches).

And just for fun, here is a picture of both of my babies taken on their one month birthdays.  What do you think, do they look alike to you?


Mrs. Brandy De La Cruz said...

Wow- they are almost identical! Super cute kiddos!!!

lsamples said...

Wow...the similarities! She has her momma's complexion. Both are equally adorable! Congratulations!

Sue said...

I think that their noses are exactly the same!! Their upper lips are too.... but Harrison looks just like Daddy while Harper looks just like Mommy!!
Very beautiful Danielle! Can't wait to see them in person! Hopefully you'll get the change to meet our newest bundle of joy too!