Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Doting Sister

Normally I use this space to dote and gush about my darling little blue eyed, chubby cheeked, animated, ingenious precious tyke.  Because I don't want to be one of those mothers, I won't be talking about him at all in this post :)  Instead I will be doting on someone beautiful sister Courtney (also referred to in this blog as Auntie Coco). 

In October of 2008, Courtney and her husband, Ryan,  moved to Alaska.  Ryan is in the Air Force and is currently stationed at the Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage.  This has been the most trying experience in Courtney's life..  Her love for her husband is evident in the sacrifices she has made, but God has used this journey to strengthen Courtney and Ryan as individuals and as husband and wife.  Courtney has used this time away from home to "find herself".  And while doing so, she has made some incredible memories.  The most recent experience she can add to her Alaska scrapbook is the Mrs. Alaska pageant.  She didn't win, but her facebook status the day after the pageant says it all...."I didn't win but I sure did have a blast!!"

Here are some pictures of her from her pageant.  I am just a little proud (if you couldn't tell!).

Lauren, Chelsea and I couldn't be there to cheer for her, but we let her know how proud we are of her!!

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