Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eight.......It's Grrrrrrreat!

Harrison is now eight months old.  My job as a mommy is getting easier and more difficult at the same time.  I know that may sound ridiculous, but it is so true. 

Here are some reasons why things are easier: he sleeps through the night, he naps (almost) regularly, he feeds himself, he has mastered sitting up on his own (going from belly to hands and knees to sitting upright!!), he stays entertained for hours with a sippy cup full of water, and he loves playing by himself.  The biggest change that has recently made my life easier is that we are no longer nursing.  Don't get me wrong, I loved nursing and I will do it with each of my babies (oh yes, there will be more little Wades!).  It is just that while you are nursing your life revolves around feeding schedules.  It still makes me sad when I think about that chapter of motherhood with Harrison being over, but he was ready so in turn I have to be as well.  There are some things I will not miss about that experience, like my trusty sidekick Medela.  And let's face it girls, our real best friend is underwire!!

So how is it getting harder?  The child is mobile!!  He is crawling and rolling and pulling up on everything.  And of all things, he is pulled towards electrical cords like a magnet.  I have definitely had to relearn how to change a diaper.  Things are a little different when the naked butt starts rolling away from you!  We are also working on learning the concept of "No"  but he just isn't getting it (that, or he just doesn't care).  I constantly have to watch him because he is discovering new things all the time.  
Here are his 8 new discoveries at 8 months old:
Crawling.  He is moving pretty slow right now, but he is getting the hang of it pretty fast.
Getting to the sitting position on his own. 
Screaming for attention.  It is happy screaming, but it is still screaming.
Electrical Cords.  Lamps, computers, vacuums.  If it has a cord, he wants to eat it.
Smiling for the camera. Yes, he is a total poser!
Clapping. Mostly when he sees Reese
Pulling up on anything.
Taking baths in the big bath tub.  He has always loved baths, but now that he is in the actual bathtub instead of his baby bath he loves it even more.  I think he just loves having even more water to splash around.

8 favorite foods:
Green Beans
Lima Beans

8 favorite things:
Peek a boo
Other Babies or Children
Rolling Around on the Ground
Playing rough 

Pulling up on the couch

Check out his new tooth!


Not so bald anymore!

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