Monday, May 3, 2010

Play Dates

I don't care what some moms say.  In my short experience as a mommy play dates are more for me than HD.  Sometimes it is nice to know all the crazy thoughts I sometimes have are completely normal.  Not to mention how much I enjoy people talking to me with out drooling on me or trying to eat my hair.  I have been blessed with some wonderful ladies that I try to keep up with on a weekly basis.  Their friendship and wisdom is appreciated beyond words!!  Last week my sweet friend Lindsay had us over for the morning and I thought I would share some precious pictures from that morning. 

Will was so precious with Harrison.  He was constantly checking on Harrison and giving him kisses!

Anna is about as cute as it gets!  She just wasn't feeling this picture, poor girl! 

The picture above is one of the sweetest moments I have ever witnessed.  Anna was sent to time out and after a ew minutes there she was still upset and all I could hear was her sweetly saying "pray".  Next thing I know, Will got up and prayed with her (while hugging her) and then felt she was ready to leave time out.  Good job Lindsay!  That was such a precious moment!!  

And this picture is from a couple months back courtesy of Rachel Webb.  I look forward to every Friday morning when I have the chance to visit with other Shelbyville moms!

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