Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dinner with the Davis'

Some very dear friends of ours came to visit Saturday night.  They even brought the dinner so this prego didn't have to cook....now that is true friendship :)

Our time together is always filled with so much laughter.  We always enjoy our visits with this precious family.

And when it came to Avery and Harrison....forget the fun and laughter.  Can you feel the love?!?!

Here are some pictures of Avery and Harrison I pulled from my archives :)


Mommy Webb said...

Harrison looks like he's smitten:). So great to see your gorgeous face at BRUs today. We are soooo close to meeting our girls. Ahhhh!

lsamples said...

My friend, Jordan, just went through a c-section with a "toddler" (that just turned 1...a week before the newbie). She's doing well and things are much easier than expected. You'll be perfectly fine! I'll send some prayers your way :)