Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yesterday I had my weekly checkup.  My mother in law had offered to watch Harrison, so I thought I would take advantage of the afternoon to do a little shopping, lunch with a friend, and treat myself to a pedicure.  I got to do none of that, and it turned out to be quite an eventful Dr appointment.  When I was asked how things were going, my only complaint this week was my blurry vision.  For almost a week, my always perfect vision was failing me.  I can still see, but things like road signs and big screens at church were all of a sudden blurry.  When I mentioned this to my Dr. she immediately coupled that with a significant change in my blood pressure.  She walked me back for an ultrasound and gave me orders to go the hospital for more tests.  Even though it was amazing to see my baby girl yesterday, I could not help but watch her and question whether or not I was really ready to meet her that day.  My ultrasound went perfectly, she passed all of her tests with flying colors (including weight.  My precious girl is already more than 7 1/2 lbs!!!).  After spending 3 hours in triage, I was given the clear to go baby.  I do have one more round of tests, the results of which will be in tomorrow morning.  After spending a couple hours yesterday thinking it might be baby time, I know now I am ready for her.  I will however ask for your prayers.  Please pray that Harper will come when she is ready.  Pray for my c-section and for a speedy recovery.  I am nervous about recovering from a c-section with a toddler, but I am blessed with wonderful family and friends who are all eager to help.  Also, pray for Harrison.  I am very anxious about his transition through this process.  He is one very loved little boy, and I want this to be an easy transition for him.  It is going to be a major adjustment for our family, but I could not be more excited!!

Here is a picture from my ultrasound yesterday....check out her chubby cheeks!!  Just like Harrison!!


Jesse said...

you're going to rock it girl, just like you did with little man! praying for quick and easy everything :) harrison will be great, he has great parents. much love to you all, viv

Jessica said...

you both are on our hearts and minds!!!