Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Harper's Homecoming

Hospital stays are a catch 22. 

The perks: 
  • 24 hour nurse service.  This includes but is not limited to: pain pills at the push of a button, unlimited access to a wealth of knowledge regarding new born babies, constant vital checks that reassure a new mom that the baby is doing great....the list goes on
  • Wonderful visits from friends and family
  • Family being willing to bring me special order meals at the drop of a dime
  • Lactation consultants checking in on a daily basis to cheer me on
  • One on one time with my baby girl
The down side:
  • 24 hour vital checks that mean being woken up, even if it is the one hour of sleep you have gotten all day.
  • Hospital food
  • Hospital showers
  • The lovely baby alarms on the maternity floor that go off at all of hours of the day...and night
  • No one on one time with my little man

After four long days in the hospital, I was given the choice to go home or stay one more day due to having had a c-section.  I was feeling relatively great and decided it was time to begin my life as a mommy of two.  I could not wait to get home and be a family again.  After packing up my precious (and very pink) bundle of joy and lots of hospital goodies, Matt and I ventured home to tackle life as parents of two.

The greeting we received from Harrison was nothing less than picture perfect.  He was waiting at the window as we pulled in our driveway and waited at the front door with outstretched arms.  He was all smiles saying "baby, baby" as he lovingly greeted her at the door.

I can honestly say that the transition coming home has gone more smoothly than I could have hoped for.  Harper has been an amazingly easy new born.  She cries only when hungry, sleeps all day, nurses like a champ, and even lets mommy get 4 hour stretches of sleep at night.  We went today for her one week weigh in and she is 7lbs 12 oz.   She is gaining weight beautifully and I could not be more thankful for this easy going baby girl.

Harper's first nap in her crib

Harrison has been a dream.  He loves his baby Harper and has been so eager to help mommy.  He loves to hold her, and sits beside me as I nurse her so he can help burping her. He is my alarm system whenever she is hungry, running to me saying "Oh no, baby" when she lets out a hungry cry.  He loves having someone to stare at and talk to in the car.  And he has slept through any and all noises (grunts or cries) at night. 

One tired, but very proud Daddy :)

I am telling you, things around here are pretty wonderful.  My only trying time has been a bout of Mastitis....yes, Mastitis.  She has had no mercy on this new momma and I am praying that my medicine works quickly because there is not much more painful than Mastitis to a nursing mom. 

Also, thank you to those of you who prayed for my family and to those of you who left such wonderful loving words of encouragement on the blog or on Facebook.  It is such a blessing to feel your love and support and we are so overwhelmed by the love we have been shown by family and friends over the last week.  We are an incredibly blessed family!!!


Jessica said...

so happy for all 4 of you!!! such a cute blog. thanks for posting!

Sarah said...

Just found your blog. Congrats on your new little girl. I am a mama to a 21 month old son and a 3 month old daughter, so we seem as though we have a little in common. I am looking forward to being a new follower of your blog.