Friday, May 13, 2011

Things I Do Not Want To Forget....

I have always wanted to be a mom, I knew this at the tender age of 2 when Courtney was born and I followed my mom around the house with my baby (Calli the Cabbage Patch doll).  Even though I am living the life I always wanted, I am surprised by the contentment that has filled my heart.  I can honestly say I have never been this happy.  I don't care about keeping up with the latest fashion trends, a bigger house, a nicer car, or even starting my career.  Right now, my husband and babies are what make my heart feel like it is going to explode with happiness.

Life with a toddler is always busy. Sometimes an exhausted busy (I partly blame being 9 months pregnant), but mostly a laugh-so-hard-my-sides-hurt-busy. Every month I note what Harrison is up to, but there is no way I could share with you every awesome detail of this little boy's life (although I try :). I feel more than blessed to be his mommy and I still can not believe all of the joy that he brings to my life. I have started noting little things he does, just because I do not want to forget them.

Here are some things about Harrison (at 20 months) that I do not want to forget:

  • He sometimes laughs in his sleep
  • He loves to sing along to songs.  Even though he can not say the words, he babbles right along with the tune
  • He mimics everything I do.  From cleaning, to dancing, to scolding the dogs, to putting on make up, to reading books, to cooking...he tries to do it all
  • Every morning he talks to his daddy in the bathroom as he gets ready for work
  • When people leave our house, he loves to waive bye at the window
  • When Matt leaves for work, instead of waiving, he gives pretty sloppy kisses to his daddy through the window
  • He LOVES to be read to.  He will bring us books, make us sit on the ground and then climb into our lap for story time.  I must read 10-20 books a day to him
  • Matt and I go in his room every night and watch him sleep.  As precious as he is awake, he is so peaceful while he sleeps
  • How happy he is in the mornings
  • He blows on his food with me when I tell him it is hot
  • He says "Brrrrr" when he is cold
  • He lifts up my shirt to kiss the baby
  • He does not like it when my hair falls in my face.  He will brush my hair away from my face
  • He walks around to pictures during the day and says "Dadda" as he points to Matt
  • He loves animals as much as I do
  • He loves to cuddle under blankets
  • When he says "Oh No" he grabs his chubby cheeks
  • He says "cheese" when he sees lightning
  • He gives the best hugs in the whole world
  • He asks for help when he can't do something on his own
  • He has discovered the art of climbing onto the kitchen counters :(
After his third he not adorable :)


Jessica said...

he IS so adorable!!! I love that he says cheese to lightening. that is so funny. i know what you mean about the soooo happy. i right with ya there!

Stephanie said...

oh my gosh he is adorable. I love that he says "cheese" for lightening!!! you are making me so excited to become a mom to this little boy.

I can't wait to come visit when Harper's here!!!