Tuesday, May 10, 2011

20 days!!!!

Normally I try to be one happy pregnant lady, but I need to be real with y'all.  I am huge and uncomfortable.  I have reached the stage where, let's face it, nothing is easy.  Bending over leaves me out of breath, holding Harrison leaves me nauseous, and daily activities leave me feeling like I have been hit by a Mack truck at night.  Sleeping is not comfortable, much less enjoyable.  Throw in a couple pretty sore ribs and I am not the most pleasant person to be living with.  I have not been taking it as easy as I should.  It is so hard to "prop your feet up" when nesting happens to be at the same exact time spring cleaning usually hits me.  I have been keeping myself (and my husband) very VERY busy with a to do list a mile long.  I am happy to say that more than half of my list has been crossed off since the sun decided to finally come out.  My goal is to finish all remaining to-dos by the end of this weekend so I really can take it easy for my remaining two weeks.

As uncomfortable as I have been, there are some awesome things that come with being this super pregnant.  I love feeling her respond to our voices and loud noises.  Last week, Matt and I saw my stomach transform into a really odd cone shape and watched a foot raise up right under my ribs.  I love rubbing her bottom and feel her move in response.  She also gets the hiccups several times a day and I love watching and feeling my belly bounce with each hiccup.  It really is an amazing experience, I just can not wait to finally meet her!!


Linda C said...

You look absolutely beautiful darling and I can hardly believe that time has passed to this moment in your life.... I love that you are enjoying being preganant...such a blessing and the joy of the burden is such a soul enriching experince!! Hope you get everything done so you can rest..cause with 2 little ones ...well..just rest..please!! LOVE AND HUGS from us!!! Linda

Jesse said...

was just thinking about you today. it was at this point with keegan that i started having horrible contractions every night. one night jesse was up and dressed and ready to go (they had been 5 min apart for half hour) and then everything stopped. you just get to the end and you are fried. i love you, you look adorable and you are almost there! hang in there little mama, and know that your philly mama friend is thinking about you!!! viv