Friday, March 30, 2012

9 Months...Been There, Done That

In keeping with my late monthly posts for Harper, now that she is 10 months it is time for her 9 month update :)

  1. You talk almost as much as your momma.  You jibber jabber all day long.  Sometimes you talk to your toys, sometimes you talk to your brother, but other times you look me in the eyes and tell me some really serious stuff.  I know you know what you are trying to say and I can not wait to hear what it going through that little brain of yours!
  2.  You love to play rough.  When it comes to mommy, you love to snuggle and cuddle, but when your daddy or brother are involved, the rougher the play, the louder your giggles.  Sometimes I am nervous watching you play with Harrison because I still see you as my baby girl, but boy can you hold your own.  You love to wrestle and roll on the floor and race down the hallway.  You have even started standing up for yourself and push back if he gets too rough.
  3. You are definitely a morning baby.  You NEVER cry in the mornings.  In fact you smile, and wave, and squeal "Hi" so much that I think you are ready for a nap before breakfast.  There are no bad mornings around here with you, sweet girl.
  4. Harps.  Yes, you have acquired a new nickname.  (I'm not sure if it started with Auntie Lolo or Harrison, but I will find out!)  It fits you perfectly too.  You are happy and easy and beautiful....I think "Harps" embodies all of that.
  5. You have no teeth and no hair.  Not sure when either of these are going to come in, but in the mean time I keep a big ol' bow on your head at all times or you tend to resemble a toothless old man ;)
  6. You are a growing girl.  You are quickly out growing your 12 month clothes and will be in 18 months by the summer. 
  7. You are starting to mimic a lot of what I say to you.  You copy the way I say "no no", "ba ba" (for bottle) "doggie" and "Mag mag" (for Maggie Sue).   You do, however, have 5 words that you use on a regular basis (and this is the order you said them in) 1) Pop   2) Hi   3) Dadda   4) Momma   5) Bye bye. 
  8. You wave all the time.  And it is even more precious because you waive backwards.  When you waive the palm of your hands faces your face.  My theory is because that is how you see everyone else waive to you!
  9. YOU TOOK YOUR FIRST STEPS THIS MONTH.  Now, in all fairness, it was the day before you turned 10 months, but I'm still counting it :)

Your favorite things right now:

  1. Eating paper (tissue paper, paper towels, newspaper, magazines, wrapping do not discriminate).
  2. Dancing
  3. Bath time with Harrison
  4. Animals
  5. Food.  (Also no discrimination)
  6. Men (Still no discrimination)
  7. Me (but I think I love you more!)
  8. Your Pop
  9. And your #1 favorite thing is my iPhone.  You absolutely throw a FIT when you see it.  Here we go.....

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