Monday, March 5, 2012

Month Eight was better than Chocolate Cake!!

....And if you know me, you know I LOVE my chocolate cake!  Anyways, Harper Love is 9 months old now.  You probably are thinking, "Wait a minute, she JUST turned seven months".  Nope, that was just me being a month and a half late on her 7 month post and a month late on this post.  Don't judge, I'm juggling a lot these days!! :)
  1. You are a mover little girl!  You follow Daddy, Harrison and me around the house all day like an adorable little puppy dog.  You have gotten so good at crawling that you can now drag along your baby doll.
  2. You babble in the mornings with your eyes closed once you wake.  You wait to open them until I speak to you and then you open those beautiful grey eyes with a huge grin.
  3. You love to stand and hold onto my legs while I wash dishes and cook.
  4. You think your brother is the funniest kid around.  He can make you laugh at any moment on any day.  You. Love. Him.
  5. You have now officially joined our dance parties in the kitchen every morning.  You love to bounce, wave your arms and clap along with us.
  6. You are a momma's girl.  But you also LOVE your Auntie Coco.  We tell her she has the magic touch with you.  Somehow she gets you to sleep no matter how loud or quiet the room.  
  7. You are a talker.....wait.  I take that back, you are a SCREAMER!  You get so excited and you just squeal with joy.  People look at me concerned when you start these happy squeals.  It is so loud people assume you are in pain or angry.  Nope, you just like the attention :)
  8. You LOVE other babies.  You want to grab their faces, hold their hand, kiss them (with big open mouth drooly kisses).  You squeal with delight right in their face.  You make play dates so much fun.  I just love watching you interact with other little ones.

Here are your eight favorites right now:
  1. Finger Foods
  2. Sucking your thumb
  3. Your brother singing in your face
  4. Mums
  5. Waiving Hi/Bye
  6. Your baby doll
  7. Holding your own bottle/sippy cup
  8. Clapping

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    Anonymous said...

    she is adorable Happy 8-9 months!