Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tres Chic

A month ago, Matt and I experienced one of the most fun nights we've had since prom and PHA formals.  We got dressed up, left the children with my parents, and enjoyed a night filled with yummy food, dancing, amazing music, and pictures with some of our closest friends.  To top it all off, it was a dinner to benefit the local children's hospital.  All proceeds from this event ensures that every child who leaves Kosairs Children's Hospital cancer free gets an awesome "I beat cancer" party.  How cool is that?

The other pea from my pod....Rachie was an amazing hostess for the evening. 

A little Christ Community Church shout out :) 

Shelbyville's finest and future leaders.  The purpose of this picture was to make the Kentucky Sports Radio blog.....Not sure if the picture made the site or not?  Any KSR readers notice this pic?

Totally Fierce :)

Me & Tee

Since Walker has a prearranged agreement with Harper, and Harrison with Warren, it is the obvious choice to become best friends/inseparable with our future in laws....right???


 Having a little fun on the dance floor!

My love.  What an awesome evening to have with my handsome hubs.  We will DEFINITELY be going again next year and we can not wait!


Stover's site said...

beautiful pics -but I have to tell ya, that Warren is already spoken for. :-) Jonathan's had dibs for a while now. :-) Miss your sweet face!

Carissa said...

Glad you guys had a night out! Beautiful couple, and might I add you look awesome for having a 9 month old baby!! (Better than me!!)

Mommy Webb said...

Oh my golly!!! This post is awesome!!!! I love all of these pics and I love love love YOU. Can't wait to watch our babes grow up and make more fun memories.