Friday, March 30, 2012

Cute doesn't even come close


The future Brad Pitt??  Oh my, I sure do have a cutie on my hands!  Don't you think?

Girl Scout Cookies?

Yes Please! 
Were you this excited about your first Thin Mint?

9 Months...Been There, Done That

In keeping with my late monthly posts for Harper, now that she is 10 months it is time for her 9 month update :)

  1. You talk almost as much as your momma.  You jibber jabber all day long.  Sometimes you talk to your toys, sometimes you talk to your brother, but other times you look me in the eyes and tell me some really serious stuff.  I know you know what you are trying to say and I can not wait to hear what it going through that little brain of yours!
  2.  You love to play rough.  When it comes to mommy, you love to snuggle and cuddle, but when your daddy or brother are involved, the rougher the play, the louder your giggles.  Sometimes I am nervous watching you play with Harrison because I still see you as my baby girl, but boy can you hold your own.  You love to wrestle and roll on the floor and race down the hallway.  You have even started standing up for yourself and push back if he gets too rough.
  3. You are definitely a morning baby.  You NEVER cry in the mornings.  In fact you smile, and wave, and squeal "Hi" so much that I think you are ready for a nap before breakfast.  There are no bad mornings around here with you, sweet girl.
  4. Harps.  Yes, you have acquired a new nickname.  (I'm not sure if it started with Auntie Lolo or Harrison, but I will find out!)  It fits you perfectly too.  You are happy and easy and beautiful....I think "Harps" embodies all of that.
  5. You have no teeth and no hair.  Not sure when either of these are going to come in, but in the mean time I keep a big ol' bow on your head at all times or you tend to resemble a toothless old man ;)
  6. You are a growing girl.  You are quickly out growing your 12 month clothes and will be in 18 months by the summer. 
  7. You are starting to mimic a lot of what I say to you.  You copy the way I say "no no", "ba ba" (for bottle) "doggie" and "Mag mag" (for Maggie Sue).   You do, however, have 5 words that you use on a regular basis (and this is the order you said them in) 1) Pop   2) Hi   3) Dadda   4) Momma   5) Bye bye. 
  8. You wave all the time.  And it is even more precious because you waive backwards.  When you waive the palm of your hands faces your face.  My theory is because that is how you see everyone else waive to you!
  9. YOU TOOK YOUR FIRST STEPS THIS MONTH.  Now, in all fairness, it was the day before you turned 10 months, but I'm still counting it :)

Your favorite things right now:

  1. Eating paper (tissue paper, paper towels, newspaper, magazines, wrapping do not discriminate).
  2. Dancing
  3. Bath time with Harrison
  4. Animals
  5. Food.  (Also no discrimination)
  6. Men (Still no discrimination)
  7. Me (but I think I love you more!)
  8. Your Pop
  9. And your #1 favorite thing is my iPhone.  You absolutely throw a FIT when you see it.  Here we go.....

Harrison Comparison


Old Blue Eyes is a title formerly held by Frank Sinatra himself.  And for those of you who know me, you know I LOVE Frank.  You may even know that my first ring tone was Fly Me To The Moon, you may know that when I bought my first animal I was searching for a cat with blue eyes so I could name him Frank, you may know that I know the lyrics to almost every Frank Sinatra song, you may know that I only cook with some Frank playing in the back ground, and you may also know that my college roommate and I had a life size cut out of him in our freshman dorm room.  Yes, I love Frank.  BUT, I think he just lost the title of Old Blue Eyes.  I mean, did you see this picture of my son above?!?!?  Have you ever seen eyes so blue?  I didn't think so :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If you were me....

If you were me and you looked down, this is what you would see.

Yes, she has my skirt in her hand, sucking her thumb.  It is hard to get things done around here when someone this cute is just begging to be held.  It is a rough life I lead :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

Oh springtime, how we have missed you.  We welcome you with open windows!  We are looking forward to the sunshine, flowers, warmth, thunder storms, longer days, green grass, and short sleeves you will bring our way.   We promise to enjoy your company by spending lots of time on walks, in our back yard, and even sharing meals with you.  Thank you for your consistent rescues from the gloom that is February.  You bring a smile to all of the Wade's faces...and for that, we say "THANK YOU, SPRINGTIME!!!!".

Saturday, March 17, 2012

If my life had a soundtrack...

I have said before on this blog that I love music.  That is a bit of an understatement.  I do.  I REALLY love music.  I will never forget the first CD player I got for Christmas when I was 9.  I got a John Micheal Montgomery and a Mariah Carey CD and thus began my eclectic taste in music.   When I came home from school (in the fourth grade) I would turn on the radio and make mixed tapes from songs that I liked.  I guess technically I had the idea for Pandora first....I was WAY ahead of my time :)  I am so thankful my parents who put up with listening to me jam in my room upstairs and pretend like I could sing along and for not kicking me out for the house for discovering the "repeat" button on my cd player (specifically, repeating Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey).

My husband understands my love for music, and decided to hook up some speakers in the kitchen since that is where I spend the majority of my day.  Through these speakers, I listen to Pandora ALL day every day but I have specific stations for different parts of my day.  For example, I start my mornings with some coffee and Hillsong.  I love this station and think it is the perfect way to start any day.  Later in the morning I turn on a little Glee or Bruno Marrs (this is where our daily kitchen dance parties come in).  Housework is done to Jack Johnson or Lenka.  Dinner is prepared to some Big Band (mainly Frank) and I wind down with some Civil Wars, John Mayer or Adele.

I started thinking about if my life had a soundtrack what would it sound like?  It would have to be a bit eclectic since that is how I would categorize my taste in music.  So, like I do with everything else in my life I started a list.  As I thought of songs that would make the cut to my soundtrack, I wrote them down.  After a month or two I felt like I had a good selection.

So here it is....My Life's Soundtrack:
  1. Happy - Never Shout Never
  2. You and I - Ingrid Michealson
  3. Get Down - Audio Adrenaline
  4. Better Together - Jack Johnson
  5. What Can I Do - Joy Williams
  6. Good Life - One Republic
  7. Jingle Bells
  8. Count On Me - Bruno Marrs
  9. My Shadow and Me - Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr
  10. Where Is The Love - Black Eyed Peas
  11. You Are My Sunshine
  12. Somewhere In Brooklyn - Bruno Marrs
  13. He's Got The Whole World
  14. My Old Kentucky Home
  15. The Kentucky Fight Song
  16. Secret Crowds - Angels and Airwaves
  17. Lucky - Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat
Why are these songs so special?
1. It is all in the title.  Yup, this song will make you happy!!  Harrison LOVES to sing along and knows almost all of the words!  We listen to it daily, dance, and sing along with the Oooo Oooos.
2. This song is a hands down favorite and one that can pull me out of a slump on any day.  I love to belt this tune out, stomp my feet and clap my hands along with it.  The ending to the song is so much fun!
3. This is a favorite from high school and now I get to sing it with my precious babies.  I think they like it as much as I do!
4. Just a good lovey dovey song :)
5. I recently blogged about my love of this song.  Seriously, I am obsessed.
6.  I'm sure this must be a favorite of yours too...Who doesn't love this song??
7.  Sweet Harrison got a drum set for Christmas.  I am not sure why, but the only song he thinks he can play on it is Jingle Bells (pronounced Jinkle Bells).  It is a bit annoying to hear this song 10 times a day, but in all honesty, it is so precious I can't bring myself to tell him he can play other songs on his drums.
8. This is one of the first songs to make my and Harrison's daily dance parties.  A classic in the Wade household :)
9. What is there not to love about this song?  Maybe Harrison and I will dance together at his wedding to this song.
10. What playlist could be complete without a little Black Eyed Peas?  There are too many fun songs of theirs to chose from.  This is just a favorite of mine.
11. Just because I sing this to my loves every day.
12.  This is a serious dance song in our house.  We jump and spin and...well, just dance.  Super fun song.  I am usually out of breath and the kids laugh so hard they get the hiccups.
13. This is Harrison's favorite.  He likes to add Harrison and Harper/Mommy and Daddy into the words.  It is presh.
14.  My eyes get a little teary every time I hear it, especially on Derby Day!
15.  My Alma Mater.  Plus it is March right now so this song is a MUST in our house before games.
16.  I just love Angels and Airwaves.  Makes me feel like I am in college again. 
17.  Just another great love song :)

I know there are soooo many more songs that I love, but that is a good condensed list.  Now, you officially have a taste of the music I love. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Going to the Chapel

Two weekends ago, my mom and I put together a bridal shower for my sister Auntie Lolo.  Yup, my sweet sister is getting married NEXT WEEK!!! I still can't believe this is happening, but I am so excited for her! 

Here are some pics from the shower.....


I snapped this one a little early.  By the time all of the presents were together it was overflowing...that little chica is just about set!  Lots of awesome stuff. 

Sooooo I had a little too much fun setting out the food :) 

I was proud of the decor even if it was a bit corny :)

My most prized part of the afternoon???  Check out the cupcakes below.  Yup, I made those bad boys from scratch.  AND they weren't just pretty, they tasted just as yummy as they look!

 Harper Love got in on the cupcake action too :)

The Beautiful Bride!

Harper made some fun in a box.....

My momma, Mimi and sisters.....

It was a wonderful afternoon filled with lots of love and laughs.  So thankful for the special ladies who made it out to celebrate our Lolo. 

Now, off to get ready for next week!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Best Friends

Today Harrison was playing in the bathtub after a long day of exploring in our back yard.  It was going to take more than a quick bath to clean up this little boy.  He had mud between his toes and under his finger nails.  In an effort to let the dirt work it's way out, I let my boy play in the tub until his fingers and toes resembled raisins. At one point he was being so quiet I decided to spy on him through the crack in the door.  She was singing his ABCs and playing with some squirt toys.  My heart was smiling as I watched him play and then he did something that I will never forget.  He prayed.  All by himself.  No one prompted him.  No one was there to make sure his head was bowed or his little hands were folded.  But he did it....perfectly.  He bowed his head, folded his precious hands together and said (and this is verbatim)

"Dear Jesus, I see Walker and Warren soon please?  Jesus name. Aaaaamen"

I wasn't sure if I should sit and cry because I was so proud or go in there and let him know I was spying on him and that I was proud of him....I chose the latter.  I then called Aunt Rachie and told her that my son just prayed that he could see her babies.  Needless to say we have a playdate scheduled :)
Here are the little BFFS...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tres Chic

A month ago, Matt and I experienced one of the most fun nights we've had since prom and PHA formals.  We got dressed up, left the children with my parents, and enjoyed a night filled with yummy food, dancing, amazing music, and pictures with some of our closest friends.  To top it all off, it was a dinner to benefit the local children's hospital.  All proceeds from this event ensures that every child who leaves Kosairs Children's Hospital cancer free gets an awesome "I beat cancer" party.  How cool is that?

The other pea from my pod....Rachie was an amazing hostess for the evening. 

A little Christ Community Church shout out :) 

Shelbyville's finest and future leaders.  The purpose of this picture was to make the Kentucky Sports Radio blog.....Not sure if the picture made the site or not?  Any KSR readers notice this pic?

Totally Fierce :)

Me & Tee

Since Walker has a prearranged agreement with Harper, and Harrison with Warren, it is the obvious choice to become best friends/inseparable with our future in laws....right???


 Having a little fun on the dance floor!

My love.  What an awesome evening to have with my handsome hubs.  We will DEFINITELY be going again next year and we can not wait!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Month Eight was better than Chocolate Cake!!

....And if you know me, you know I LOVE my chocolate cake!  Anyways, Harper Love is 9 months old now.  You probably are thinking, "Wait a minute, she JUST turned seven months".  Nope, that was just me being a month and a half late on her 7 month post and a month late on this post.  Don't judge, I'm juggling a lot these days!! :)
  1. You are a mover little girl!  You follow Daddy, Harrison and me around the house all day like an adorable little puppy dog.  You have gotten so good at crawling that you can now drag along your baby doll.
  2. You babble in the mornings with your eyes closed once you wake.  You wait to open them until I speak to you and then you open those beautiful grey eyes with a huge grin.
  3. You love to stand and hold onto my legs while I wash dishes and cook.
  4. You think your brother is the funniest kid around.  He can make you laugh at any moment on any day.  You. Love. Him.
  5. You have now officially joined our dance parties in the kitchen every morning.  You love to bounce, wave your arms and clap along with us.
  6. You are a momma's girl.  But you also LOVE your Auntie Coco.  We tell her she has the magic touch with you.  Somehow she gets you to sleep no matter how loud or quiet the room.  
  7. You are a talker.....wait.  I take that back, you are a SCREAMER!  You get so excited and you just squeal with joy.  People look at me concerned when you start these happy squeals.  It is so loud people assume you are in pain or angry.  Nope, you just like the attention :)
  8. You LOVE other babies.  You want to grab their faces, hold their hand, kiss them (with big open mouth drooly kisses).  You squeal with delight right in their face.  You make play dates so much fun.  I just love watching you interact with other little ones.

Here are your eight favorites right now:
  1. Finger Foods
  2. Sucking your thumb
  3. Your brother singing in your face
  4. Mums
  5. Waiving Hi/Bye
  6. Your baby doll
  7. Holding your own bottle/sippy cup
  8. Clapping