Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alot Happens in a Year

Ashley and Adam have been very dear friends of mine and Matt's for about five years now.  We share the same wedding day and sparked a friendship as we waited for our honeymoon flights at the airport the day after our weddings.  We enjoyed years of double dating, being a part of the same small group, and even pregnancy together. 

Tonight our little family headed over to their home for dinner.  As we enjoyed a delightful dinner (Thanks again Ashley!!) we talked about how much has changed in a year.  This time last year we sat around and watched Ashley's belly move as we enjoyed ice cream and I anticipated feeling my little man move around for the first time. 

Avery and Harrison in November

Avery and Harrison in March
Their friendship is something we will continue to enjoy for years to come and hopefully enjoy many more married milestones together!

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