Thursday, March 11, 2010

One Sick Puppy

Harrison and I have been enjoying this gorgeous weather!  Monday we spent a wonderful day at the zoo with my nephew Kean and my friend Brianna and her precious little girl August.  Tuesday and Wednesday we soaked in some sun on long walks around the park and the big city of Simpsonville.  Unfortunately I now have one sick little puppy.  This is the first time Harrison has had a fever and his pitiful little cough breaks my heart each time I hear it.  Our sleep has been, well, almost nonexistent.  I have found myself a little cranky and teary eyed (lucky for those around me, they are the side effects of my sleep deprivation).  We were up at all hours of the night last night and I have found that nothing works better for my little man than to just hold and love on him.  He has always loved to cuddle, but I think this little cold has caused his right ear to be permanently fixated to my left shoulder.  He lies there so still and quite that I have to check a mirror to see if his eyes are open or closed.  My poor boy needs sleep right now, but he fights his heavy eyelids and chooses to rest on mommy's shoulder as he maintains a death grip on my hair (see These are a few of his favorite things).  I will continue to give him all the TLC he needs and hopefully we can enjoy the great outdoors again soon.  Don't you go anywhere sun!

Scottie the elephant waiving to us!

This was as still as I could get Kean for a picture :)

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