Sunday, March 28, 2010

An evening with the Lovejoys

Tonight we spent the evening with my family.  Lovie fixed a wonderful dinner (as always) with the help of Pop on the grill and topped off the evening with some home made apple crisp (delish!!).  Everyone was there to visit with us including Auntie Coco in Alaska.  Fortunately for my family, Skype has managed to somehow shorten the distance to my sissy, and now Courtney can play Peek A Boo with her nephew over the computer.  It is still hard being so far away from my sister, but we are so blessed to have technology that comforts us during the months we go without seeing each other.   

Auntie Coco playing Peek A Boo with Harrison

Sharing some of my delicious chocolate coffee with Courtney

Lovie and her monkey

Pop and his "Mini Me"

Chelsea and Jace

Matt giving Courtney a kiss

Lauren and Bailey

Pop sharing some of his apple crisp with HD 

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David Lasoski said...

I demand more posts from Matt. This is, right?

Great pictures by the way.