Friday, March 5, 2010

These are a few of his favorite things....

Last night I was laying in bed making a mental list (my obsession with lists will be saved for another post) of everything I don't want to forget about Harrison at this stage in his life.  Next week he is going to be 6 months old and he has already developed such a little personality.  When he is happy (which really is most of the time) he makes sure everyone knows via his precious smile.  When he is really happy, he makes sure you know by sticking out his tongue (yes, my son thinks he is a dog).  So I thought you might enjoy a list and some pictures of some of his favorite things. In no particular order...

Bath time. Harrison LOVES his baths and every night it is a game to see how much water is left in the tub after he splashes around with his rubber ducky.

Rice Cereal. Harrison looks like a baby bird when he is eating his rice cereal. He anticipates each bite with a wide open mouth making sure I know he is ready!
Molly. Molly has loved Harrison since the day we brought him home. Harrison however is just discovering his love for Molly. Every night after his bath, Harrison lays on the floor and enjoys a baby massage of lavender lotion and kisses from Molly. She never misses his night time routine!

Himself. Yes, he LOVES looking at himself in the mirror. If I were that cute, I'd love it too!

Jumping. Harrison got a “Johnny Jumper” and is thoroughly enjoying the exercise his chunky little legs are getting as he bounces.

Sneezing It doesn't matter who sneezes (including himself) it is hilarious!

His toes.

5:30 Harrison looks forward to greeting daddy with a drooly smile every Monday through Friday!       

Peter Rabbit.  See picture

Getting his diaper changed. He might like this so much because of the next item on the list....

Mommy's singing (He prefers when I sing a little Salt N Peppa). Yes, this is one lucky little boy. He gets to listen to me sing almost every time I change his diaper and I assume he likes it because of the wonderful gummy grin I get :)

Watching TV. The child has figured out how to find the TV by looking in the mirror or the reflection of a picture. It doesn't matter how hard he has to work, he is determined to find the TV.

Attention. (cough) (cough) (cough) 2 weeks ago Harrison developed a pathetic cough in an effort to get attention. It is not a real cough, but enough to get people's attention. He is learning way too fast!

My Hair. Pull it, twirl it, eat it. He just loves it.

But his favorite thing......

His Thumb!


Ruthie Schulz said...

This is too sweet! And it also makes me glad that we finally got down there to see you guys and to meet Harrison!! He is such a sweet baby and we had such a great time!!! Keep blogging! I love hearing about your little angel!!!

Katie said...

yay, I found your blog:) SO fun hanging out with you and Harrison on Fridays!