Friday, April 15, 2011

19 months!

  1. You love to sing along to every song
  2. Your favorite phrase is "Oh, no" sometimes it turns into "Oh no no no"
  3. You are wearing 2T clothes and size 5 diapers
  4. You are definitely a daddy's boy
  5. You hate sitting in a stroller
  6. You are happiest outside playing with a ball or bubbles
  7. You love to kiss my belly
  8. We are working on animal noises.  Your favorites are cows, ducks, dogs, cats, and lions
  9. You love the Imagination Movers Concert we have on our DVR.  You watch it once a day
  10. You are learning how to jump.  It is pretty awesome
  11. Mommy and Daddy's favorite time of the day is around 7:00 in the morning.  You wake up and we put you in bed with us.  We lay in bed for about 30 minutes and listen to you tell stories and laugh.  You are such a morning person.  Sometimes you like to run in place on the bed just to make us laugh
  12. Your favorite toys are your books, Elmo, a flute (or recorder), your Thomas the Train, your blocks and your vacuum
  13. Pop taught you how to wink, but you close both eyes (it is adorable)
  14. You now know how to shake your hips :)  And you are still a dancing machine
  15. You LOVE crushed ice
  16. You play really well by yourself
  17. You still take 3 hour naps for me
  18. Your favorite books are Eight Silly Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  19. My favorite.  When we pray, you fold your hands, bow your head, and whisper to yourself.


Mommy Webb said...

Beautiful pictures. And I love the morning time the best too b/c they are so fresh and funny:).

Chad Waits said...

the first pic is awesome. this is what i imagine brad pitt looked like as a there something you aren't telling us?