Saturday, April 23, 2011

Last time vs. This time

This is a picture taken of my poor feet at 35 weeks with Harrison.  My feet (and legs, and hands, and face, and....everything else) were so swollen that they felt like they were on fire.  Matt would take dish towels and tie bags of frozen peas to my feet so I could have some relief while I slept.

This time around has been a little easier!!  Here is a picture of my feet at almost 35 weeks with Harper.


Katie said...
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Mommy Webb said...

Bless your little tootsies! Isn't is nice to be super pregnant when it's still somewhat cool outside?:) I had major issues with swelling after Walker was born b/c of all of the fluids they pumped in my body. I am praying they stay calm this time:). *Ooops, just made this comment as Katie on accident b/c I didn't realized she was signed into blogger when I plopped on to surf blogs:).