Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pictures are worth a thousand words

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine (Vivian Cox) wrote on her blog about getting pictures together for her boys so that when they are older they will have physical albums to look through.  This got me thinking, there has been no picture shortage with my handsome boy, however with over 7,000 pictures taken since he was born I had maybe 15 photos printed.  I did not want these pictures to go without being looked at as the years go by, so I decided to tackle this problem....filtering 7,000 pictures.  While going through the pictures, it occurred to me that I may be a little picture crazy, however I am so thankful for the many moments my precious Cannon has captured.  I take that trusty camera with me everywhere we go and I love having images to share with you on this blog. 

After doing a little bit of research, I found coupon codes for two different web sites that gave me discounted printing as well as free shipping.  I ended up printing 700 pictures and having them shipped to me for $40!!!!  This ended up costing me $0.06 a print.  Pretty fantastic if I do say so myself!  I will be honest, that is what kept me from printing pictures in the first place.  I was scared of the dent it would place on my wallet. 

I received my 700 pictures in the mail today and was so excited.  Within an hour they were are all safely stored in precious photo albums for my son to enjoy for years to come.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my favorites from the past 18 months :)



Mommy Webb said...

So many sweet pictures and memories. I must say the last one cracked me up. I want to see the actual albums next time I come over. That is, if you'll invite us back after eating all of your oranges:).

Danielle Wade said...

I would love that Rachel!! We will do it soon....maybe next week?

Jesse said...

yea!!! i love it :) seriously, it is hard to narrow down year after year, but i LOVE having tangible albums. we do a family one every year and both boys have a couple that i MAY let them take with them when they are grown and mature :) great work mama!!! i always love the deals too, my favorite online printing is adorama - they go through your photos by hand to check them, it's a photography shop out of NYC. anyway, yea!!!!! you won't regret it, he is SO precious!

Erin said...


You should check out You can download all or parts of your blog to this website, choose a cover and have it bound into a nice book. I decided to do this each year (hopefully the website will stick around) instead of attempting (and failing) at a scrapbook. It's pretty cool. I did from Oct 2009 to December 2010 and it cost around $50, which is far less than I would have spent on all the scrapbook supplies I would have needed!

Congrats on little Harper! I'm sure she'll come into this world as beautiful as her mommy. Then you and Matt will each have a mini you!

Erin Bailes