Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our getaway

Matt and I escaped last week to his parent's place in Florida.  It could not have been more perfect.   We enjoyed long days of...NOTHING!  We spent our days on the beach with books and sudoku.  We slept in, took naps, sat in beach chairs with our toes in the water, and ate out without chasing anyone between bites.  We even took an afternoon and drove up to the beach where Matt proposed to me almost 8 years ago.  We walked (well, he walked, I waddled) the streets with adorable boutiques and enjoyed some icecream.  It was a much enjoyed break....however we found ourselves talking about or quoting Harrison half of the time.  I will admit, this trip was very bittersweet.  I took advantage of my break, but I missed my little man more than I expected.  Leaving a toddler is hard.  He is still so little, and even though I knew how spoiled he was getting back home I still felt like he needed his mommy and daddy.  As a stay at home mom, it was quite an adjustment to not be constantly listening for him, looking for him, and holding onto him.  After our five days, we were both excited to get home.  Mission accomplished, we feel refreshed!!! 

He tried to go with us :)

In the same spot where he popped the question. Love him more now than I did then!

My view at the beach.....Harper got some sun!!!

Just the two of us :)

Last night's sun set as we ate dinner from our patio.  Gorgeous!


Mommy Webb said...

So happy (and a tad jealous) that y'all were able to have a babymoon. You look so beautiful. Less than seven weeks...ahhhhh!

melissaballard said...

Yay!!! So glad ya'll got to get away! Good for you for breaking out the two piece ;)

Tucker's Mama said...

I agree with Rach & Melissa...so happy for y'all to get away toddler-free! We have yet to do that for even a night, but it is definitely on our 'to do' before baby #2 makes his/her debut!
And can I just say you ROCK for breaking out that two piece and giving that georgous belly some sun ;)