Friday, April 1, 2011

Mommy's little helper

Harrison loves to help mommy with whatever chore I am doing.  When I dust or wash windows, he wipes away with me.  When I am loading the dryer, our new routine is for me to hand him clothes from the washer and he will put them in the dryer (and he loves to add the dryer sheet and close the door all by himself).  Once I remove the silverware, Harrison likes to help me unload the dishwasher one piece at a time.  For Christmas he got his own vacuum to help around the house.  He loves for me to give him trash and he will put it in our garbage or recycling (with a few hints from yours truly).  We move at such a slow pace so that he can keep up, but I always try to remind myself that this is a teaching opportunity and he is learning how to take care of his things.  Here are some pictures of my little man hard at work :)

Taking out the trash :)

One night I asked him to pick up his toys in the playroom and look at what he did ALL BY HIMSELF!!!

How did he do such an amazing job all by himself????  He just moved all of the toys that were on the floor from one room to the other.  See for yourself....... 

He even tried to help organize my closet.  Unfortunately, I was not in need of organizing.

And here he is enjoying the warmth of laundry straight from the dryer!


Mommy Webb said...

Great pictures! The ones of the toys he moved from one room to another are hilarious. I was about to pick up the phone and ask if you send him out for hire until I saw the living room;).

Stephanie said...

I love how he cleaned up the playroom!!!!!!!! So funny =)and so smart!

Anonymous said...

He is simply the cutest! Love your blog! Found you through rachels!

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