Friday, February 25, 2011

Animal Lover

With Lovejoy blood running through his veins, how could he not?!?  We Lovejoy's are known for our crazy love of animals, and I am happy to say that trait has been passed on to my son.  In our home we have two dogs (Molly and Eli) and a cat (Reese).  Harrison shows our animals lots of love and for the most part, they return it.  Eli has always been a momma's boy, and I am convinced he holds a small grudge against Harrison.  Out of all three, Eli keeps the most distance, but Molly and Reese are always up for extra lovin.  Harrison has recently learned if he throws a tennis ball, Molly will return it.  She is thrilled to have a new fetch buddy!!  The little one you see above would be Auntie Lolo's dog Bailey.  Harrison is especially fond of her because she is just his size.  She even lets him carry her around.  He is so lucky to be able to experience the love and companionship of animals at such a young age.  It is my job to teach him to love and respect all of God's creatures!!!


Mommy Webb said...

I'm jealous! We don't have any animals. Walker loves them too, but Lee is allergic:(. I think once he is a bit older we will try a short haired or hypoallergenic doggie.

Jesse said...

so precious. we want dogs, but great danes, so those shall wait until we live in ky and have land and a bigger kitchen. right now, only the dog would fit, i would have to ride him from the dishwasher to the cabinets... we can't wait though, our boys will love. one day :)