Thursday, February 3, 2011

Never Say Never

"My child would never....." Yes, I am guilty of completing this phrase countless times throughout my adult life.  Parenthood has taught me so much about the judgements I used to make.  Parenting is a lot harder than I thought.  I am quickly learning that my son will not always be on his best behavior, sometimes his clothes wil get dirty, he will forget the things I have been working so hard to teach him, and I can not control when he decides to have massive diaper explosions.  Unfortunately, I experienced his greatest diaper explosion to date last the AIRPORT!!  Last night the family met at the Louisville Airport to welcome home Courtney from Alaska and this was the welcoming sight she recieved coming off the plane....
Yes, that is my son running around the airport with no pants or socks.  Due to his untimely accident, my child was forced to show his chunky legs to all arriving in Louisville.  I stopped packing extra outfits when he was 6 months so I was definitely unprepared for this situation.  Of course I thought he still looked adorable, but I could feel the stares buring into the back of my head.  Never again will I start a sentence with "My child would never" because sometimes things don't go according to plan :)

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Mommy Webb said...

Haha - this is cracking me up because, as you know, my child rarely has clothes on. But we have not tried to brave the airport pantsless yet. At least he won't have to get a pat down at security:).