Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Update on Harrison

Harrison's surgery went perfectly this morning.  He was able to straighten his thumb at the hospital!!  The Dr. said to watch his pain because the anesthesia would be wearing off in 6-8 hours, but I am so happy to tell you he has been playing hard all night and has paid no attention to his thumb at all!  He has been using his hand all night and I could not be more relieved.

We checked into the hospital at 7 am and waited patiently to be called for our turn.  Every time he asked for milk or breakfast my heart sank because I was unable to give him anything.  Poor guy just stared at me, so confused as to why he was not receiving his scrambled eggs and blueberries.  Once we were called upsatirs to be prepped for surgery, Harrison made his rounds greeting each and every nurse, doctor, and patient on the floor.  He was in such a good mood and dragged Elmo along as he said his good mornings.  The loopy medicine did not take long to kick in.  Withing 11 minutes, Harrison was walking like a drunk, smiling and going "Lalalalalala lalalala" (which was awesome since I have never heard him make the "La" sound.  We try all the time when practicing Lolo and Lovie).  We then changed him into his gown and the nurses took him away.  That was one of the worst feelings in the world.  My baby being carried off to surgery as he cried, reaching for me.  I had to walk away fast, I was quickly crumbling. 

Matt and I waited downstairs with our parents for an hour and a half.  After what seemed like an eternity, the nurse came and got me.  And I quote, "Are you Harrison's parents?  We will need you upstairs.  You have quite the spunky child and he is not to happy with us right now."  When Matt and I walked into the room, he was screaming.  He had ripped off his monitors (leaving scratch marks down his chest) and pulled out his iv.  The poor nurse holding him was doing everything she could to not drop my flailing son.  As soon as I took him in my arms he melted.  He stopped crying and laid his head on me as he quickly fell asleep.  I can not describe that feeling, but knowing that my son was comforted by being in my arms was an amazing feeling.  After an hour in the recovery room, we were given the green light to go home.  All three of us were exhausted. 


Before surgery and immediately after.

This is what his little hand will look like for the next nine days.  The Dr. said that this dressing must remain on his hand until his follow up appointment.  He can not take it off or get it wet.  Yup, no baths for Harrison.  He loves bath time, and washing his hands....really, anything that involves water.  Looks like sponge baths it is.

Harrison was visited by two of his favorite people tonight.  Auntie Coco and Auntie Lolo came to visit with lots of presents for their favorite little man.  I think you can tell he is feeling much better :)


Tucker's Mama said...

I had tears rolling down my face thinking of how hard it must have been to have them take Harrison away and how he was comforted by his MOMMA! I'm so glad everything went good!!! Harrison is such a brave boy!!!

Stover's site said...

Oh girl - unfortunately, I know TOO well how you feel. Jonathan had 3 crazy surgeries last year. Never got easier and our little man did the same thing after anesthesia - he was wild!!!! I am praying for ya'll! I hope Harrison continues to do awesome!!!!

Taylor and Jay said...

That first picture of him in his hospital garb is heart-wrenching! I know you're sooo glad it's over. It was probably a lot more difficult for you and Matt than it was for him!

Mommy Webb said...

I am so happy to hear everything went well and you were able to see immediate results. Praise Jesus! Can't wait to see you on Monday:).

Jessica said...

elmo on the tv, balloons, bubbles, and the blinds pulled up so he can see out. Looks like he had a WONDERFUL afternoon!

so glad that he seems to be doing good

poor little guy has been through a lot the past couple of months