Thursday, February 3, 2011

Surgery it is....

Tuesday morning Harrison and I packed up and ventured to the city.  We had a 10:00 am appointment with Dr. Thirkannad, one of the best pediatric hand surgeons in the area.  First off, let me start by saying that I HATE driving in downtown Louisville.  I can get to and from Matt's office just fine, but that is about the only place I can drive downtown.  I was not made to be a city girl.  Needless to say, the so called "easy directions" the office mailed me left me lost and I could not find the parking garage of one of the largest hospitals in Louisville.  Unfortunately I knew all too well where the children's hospital garage was so that is where we parked.  I thought we were parked a lot closer than we were so I decided to carry Harrison.  Even though it was 5* outside, I found myself sweating.  Finally, we sign in to the front desk with a whopping 2 minutes to spare....but for those of you who know me well, getting anywhere on time is a huge accomplishment!  So there we are in the waiting room of Kleinert and Kutz Hand Care.  Harrison and I waited for 57 minutes before we were called back. 

Dr. Thirkannad quickly diagnosed Harrison with a condition called "Trigger Thumb".  This condition is very common among babies and tends to heal itself by 12-18 months.  Unfortunately, Harrison is almost 17 months and has a fairly severe case of trigger thumb.  The Dr. reassured me that this is completely treatable, but does require out patient surgery.  Still in shock, he asks me if we are available in one week for surgery.  Suddenly my eyes began to sting....this is really happening.  My baby has to have surgery and in one week!

While we fill out the paperwork needed for surgery, Harrison's lollipop from the Dr.  disappears .... thus begins the greatest temper tantrum of all time  I had never seen him this way before and we had been trapped in a 5 x 5 room for an hour.  It was now nap time and lunch time and I began to panic.  The stupid walls were so thin and I did what every mom would do....I begged for another lollipop :)  It worked, silence!

The sweet nurse told us we were all finished....."up here".  "You now need to go to the first floor for preop paperwork and a health screen".  I wanted to scream.  Harrison was tired and hungry and so was I!  We make our way downstairs to find another waiting room and another hours worth of forms, questions, and nurses poking my baby.

Exhausted, I walk out of the Jewish Medical Center.  Not only am I weighed down by the winter coats, Harrison, my belly, my purse, a diaper bag, and now surgery paperwork, but now my mind is racing.  I can sum up my feelings in one word: Defeated.  I was ready to cry and the only thing stopping me was the thought of my tears freezing to my cheeks as we walked to the car. 

We finally reach the car and before pulling out of the parking garage, my precious little boy is off in dream world completely unaware of what is about to happen.  My mom had offered to come and help me that morning, but in all honesty I thought it would be a regular Dr.'s appointment and the surgeon would tell me he jammed his thumb and all would be fine.  They say mommas know best.  Well mine really does, and unfortunately this little momma is still learning. 

With all of that said, I ask you to please keep praying for Harrison.  We go back Wednesday morning for surgery and the recovery should be pretty quick.  I know it is nothing life threatening, and we will be back in our cozy little home in time to fix dinner, but the thought of my baby having surgery still is upsetting (see pregnancy hormones).  I appreciate all of your messages.  To know I have so many wonderful people praying for our son is very encouraging, and please don't stop.  I will keep you updated next week on how it all goes. 

Thank you!!


Susan said...

Sorry to hear Harrison has to have surgery. We went through that with Matthew at 3 yrs, and while it is never what you would choose for your baby, sometimes it is necessary. Matthew was a trooper, and I survived it too! We will be praying for all of you.

Jesse said...

i am so sorry sweet friend. i hate those kind of days and then to end knowing that you are facing something else is even harder. we will be praying for little man that all goes well, but mostly for peace in the process and journey for mama! sometimes we need the prayers more - he won't even remember, we are the ones it is tragic for! love ya from philly! viv

Jessica said...

wow. you are going through a lot. i totally feel for you and will be praying for you all. If you need anything I can come in a heart beat (seriously). poor little guy :( poor mommy. I know that psychical and emotional exhaustion with being pregnant and trying to carry and care for a little one. It is a roller coaster of emotions.