Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

Last week our home was struck by a horrible virus and Harrison and I got hit pretty hard.  To be honest, I spent five long days in misery.  Normally I love feeling little Harper move around in my belly, but those five days were no fun at all.  I prayed and prayed she would take some extra naps in there :)  Saturday my little man came down with the same bug and we were both pretty pitiful for quite some time.  Sunday afternoon (while Matt was on a Walmart run for Pedialyte and Children's Motrin) my dad called and said he was in my driveway with some goodies.  My dad had spent his Sunday afternoon nap time making me homemade chicken noodle soup and putting together an adorable basket filled with Gatorades, saltines, popsicles and other little goodies.  I said goodbye without a hug since I didn't want to share my bug, and Harrison and I waved from the front window as he drove away.  I couldn't help but blink back tears.  I was overwhelmed by the love of my dad and suddenly I was homesick. I know, I know....I was home.  But just because I am now a mom with a home of my own doesn't mean I can't be homesick once in a blue moon.  At that very moment, I wanted to go back about 23 years to the basement of my childhood home.  Sunday was the day I got to curl up with my daddy on the couch and nap as Star Search played on the TV.  Even though we don't take naps on the couch together anymore, we still have our daddy/daughter moments and my homemade soup was one of those moments.  Thank you Dad, for taking such good care of your little girl.  I love you!!


LB said...

those of us gals with loving dads are blessed, blessed, blessed. i loved this post.

Tucker's Mama said...

Oh my gosh, I'm a HUGE daddy's girl and you made me tear up! I hope everyone in the Wade household is healthy!

Jesse said...

this made me so sad and happy all at once! i so wish i was that close to my daddy, i miss him so! so happy that you can be close to family during those times... and all the time! precious!